I looked up cute stencils for pumpkin carving and then the printer won't turn on so we've ended up really wanting to do the design we found (pumpkin cottage!) but also just totally free-handing it. So we've picked something more ambitious than we would've if we set out knowing it would be freehand.

It should be fine! We've got lots of cute tiny decorations to put on this "house" and we only have to cut windows and a door!

CW incidental fake insects/spiders in the image we're working from.

Me and QMB: gosh we both had exhausting afternoons and didn't sleep and generally have no spoons!

Also us: let's carve a pumpkin!

I forget how much heckin work it can be.

But it's also really fun and we're both enjoying it.

She's making shingles out of pumpkin seeds. And because we have so many styrofoam gravestones outside our own house now, I've taken the cut-out window bits (which were supposed to be sort of arched and are therefore approximately the right shape) and made them into little gravestone-looking things to go outside the pumpkin cottage.

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