you ever want to use an emoji to express something, but then when you hover over it the verbal description doesn't match what you want to use it for?

so then you have an internal debate about whether the meaning of an emoji is in your interpretation of its appearance, or whether the meaning is defined by the intention of the creator of the emoji as expressed by the way the creator named it?

then you remember wittgenstein and death of the author something something but that doesn't help? then you forget what you were going to post. anyway good morning

@dark_soil It's tricky too because people using screenreaders will only get the textual name for it and won't find it as easy to extrapolate the meaning someone else might give it based on its appearance.

@bright_helpings @dark_soil plus even for sighted users, the emoji you pick probably isn't the same one your audience will see, because each OS has its own emoji set.

@dark_soil I’m a screen reader user who can’t actually see the emoji, so I’ve got kinda the inverse of that; the verbal description is my exclusive point of reference. 😧 = surprised and dismayed face with eyebrows. Thus, it’s a conscious mental process that makes me stop and realize that someone sending that might not necessarily be expressing that they are surprised and dismayed. :) It also doesn’t occur to me that certain ones have... other uses until someone says something lol.

@dark_soil was half way through the toot and knew you were gonna mention death of the author.

@schrodingers_cat 😂 you know I'm a nerd who tries and fails to learn literary concepts from context

@dark_soil Also I just love the concept because it frees us from that whole endless bickering about intent and blah blah 😂

@dark_soil 🙏 is thanks, but lots of people use it for pray
So I think it's ok to interpret emoji...?
Good morning :bun:

@dark_soil (might be sorry, not thanks. Anyway it's not praying)

@dark_soil I, uh.. love this reaction. It's so much deeper than my usual. I tend to just type :thingy: without any respect for whether the emoji exists.

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