There’s some activist advice that sticks with me. A simple but big thing that middle class or former middle class activists can do to forge solidarity with the working class is to serve food at the meetings.

I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

sleepy weirdposting, drugs 

I would eventually like to get high and discuss the minutia of a fictional tree-based cult with friends as weird and culturally alienated due to colonizer/imperialist shenanigans as I am.

long term goals 

- stability, preferably in a non-fashy place
- various political activities/mutual aid
- a way to grow herbs and good tomatoes
- sewing machine for custom bras/binders
- stretch goal: brewing and distillation


I'd like to be cremated. Don't care where my ashes go as long as it's not a sewage system or a landfill. I just don't want to be 'stored' in an urn or a plot, I don't want to be maintained or try to grasp a permanent physical 'spot' after death.


My next mission is tiramisu

My sleeping partner just sat up suddenly, said a bunch of worried math-words about batch size and simulation time, I responded, 'aww it's OK,' then he went back to sleep


it's been so nice to not feel any pressure to make my facial expression pleasant

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going to keep wearing a mask as long as possible


felt slightly strange that I never liked those Lil Debbie's snack cakes that were the chocolate with the cream inside, and then I had a fancy 'adult' version with housemade cake and whipped cream and *still* didn't like it, so that's conclusive

food, mention of evil company 

Frappucinos are the adult version of what dunkaroos were to me as a kid, just an absolutely garbage food that probably would be banned in countries that cared for their citizens due to the mystery composition of the flavorings

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food, mention of evil company 

I'll take those pumps of fake flavoring in 500 ml of cream and sugar with heavy whipping cream on top, give it to meeeee

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food, mention of evil company 

I'd still drink a frappucino any day, especially 'off-brand' ones from indie coffee shops

history, imperialism, white supremacy 

If you try to counter white supremacist myths in history by saying 'well this non-European nation was also brutally imperialistic and built big stuff, so they're also advanced/civilized', you're missing the point. You're still using Western values to decide who to respect. It doesn't matter if they had bigger ships or more weapons or whatever, you've gotta stop trying to put cultures in a hierarchy altogether.

mh, pol - 

got that feeling where I learned too much new information about fascism and white supremacy all at once and my soul keeps cringing, eep

the swipe on the open source keyboard isn't as good, but no telemetry

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