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Hi everyone. I'm a student from the US, trying to figure out how to escape my gender along with my deeply colonized worldview. I'll probably talk about feelings, uspol, what i'm reading, and food.


Have to register for classes next week. I only have to take one class, and the rest is research.

There's an extremely difficult class that would be useful, but it would essentially require all of my time and I wouldn't be able to get very much research done.

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There are good and right principles and there are individuals and groups of individuals. Individuals are a mixed bag at best; no one is good or bad all the time, and individual morality is often meaningless in the face of structural injustice. Groups of individuals are *always* mixed and complex, and to demand that every member of an identity group be virtuous in order to "deserve" human treatment is simple bigotry.

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It feels like there's this logic that if your group marketing is slick enough, you get human rights. If your branding gets enough market penetration, you finally get to have survival, sympathy, and safety (until the trends change).

I don't want to do that, I don't want to feel like I have to market myself as sympathetic or 'deserving' of basic needs even in my own mind. I don't want to be the protagonist. I don't want to view others as protagonists. I'm tired of protagonists.

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It feels like a common storyline is to position oneself/one's group as innocent, noble, good, or sympathetic as a way to make a claim to 'deserving' things, whether those things are good (the necessities of life, freedom from oppression, love, respect) or bad (clinging to privileges that perpetuate violent inequity).

But I feel weird regarding something about the language of 'deserving.' There's something about the image-management around whether people/groups are considered sympathetic enough to 'deserve' good things that is just exhausting.

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I don't think story telling is bad at all, it has freed me in a lot of ways - I just personally find myself tired of the typical plots in which we're expected to position ourselves when we think of ourselves in 'society.'

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A lot of the healing I've done has involved replacing fake or sadistic USian/kyriarchical stories with stories that are more rooted in reality, history, and sensitivity.

But now I'm tired of integrating stories. I'm tired of trying to tell a story where I'm the protagonist even though in the arc of history that's who I'd be. I'm tired of protagonists in general.


i'm so tired but i won't go to bed, why

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ugh, just had to stop watching the most frustrating competition show. it was called 'next in fashion'

i've never disagreed so much with the appraisals of the people who positioned themselves as judges. it felt like i wasn't even looking at the same thing as them. bizarre

and all i want to see is people express their creativity and get awards, and the whole 'power to send you home'-based judging always feels icky

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Request for Karen stories for an essay 

So I'm writing an essay on the effect "Karens" have in our capitalist society - and specifically in the so-called US white supremacist state - as a middle class reactionary, authoritarian force.

Any particularly ridiculous stories you have of Karens going off on you or coworkers would awesome to include! Extra points if it's a male karen.

Boosts are appreciated! 😀 🖤

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""You can jail revolutionaries, but you can’t jail the revolution... and you might murder a freedom fighter, but you can't murder freedom fighting."

51 years ago police murdered Fred Hampton, age 21.

And he was right. Freedom fighting lives on.

Rest in power."

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Kind-of want to make a tradition out of Friday night brinner. Biscuits, bacon, and cheesy eggs with mimosas makes way more sense as an evening meal than a breakfast meal.

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I’m trying to be gentle about this because this is not about an oppression I face, and if I find a recent toot by an indigenous person about this I’ll boost it instead but:

White American queers who want a “queer homestead”, please consider the word’s historical connections to the Homestead Acts and the genocide of indigenous peoples

It’s ok if you didn’t know this history, and it’s ok if you don’t know *yet* how to reformulate your relationship to the land so that it doesn’t further a white supremacist anti-indigenous agenda, but you do also need to keep trying to do antiracist work

A Settlers 101 faq I found in like 3 seconds on Google:

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sometimes i feel like i can't possibly do anything, and then i have a snack

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Gary is notorious for not liking clothes of any kind, once he "wore" a hat for exactly long enough to snap a photo by just having the hat dropped onto his head before he knew what was going on.

So to have a thing velcroed around his neck long enough for the cheese (his favorite treat) to be procured and brought to him and eaten by him, and me to have a total freakout about how looking at him like this is the best thing to ever happen to me... Is downright miraculous.

I want to be special in an insignificant way, like a shiny rock. does not matter that rock is shiny, it's still simply a rock, but rock is shiny

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I want to be special, but also I don't want to be special at all

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