looking at the first assignment for one of my classes, and lowkey a lil excited for a business class that starts off the reading with this:

"As a professor of organization behavior I have long believed that I have an ethical responsibility to encourage students in my classes to cheat." (1/?)

"Does it strike you as odd, though, that virtually all educational institu-
tions in our culture, from kindergarten through college, define cheating as giving aid to others or receiving aid from them? More specifically, does it strike you as unusual that we define cheating as an act of helping or being helped by others?" (2/?)


@wenotfreeyet this is so validating omg

I test really well, so I used to help other students in class "cheat" on standardized testing

I understood it was against the rules, but all that meant was that I needed to develop a subtle gesture vocabulary with other kids at my table so that we wouldn't get caught

and now that I think about it this might be a major foundation of my personal ethics lol

if it's going to fuck up someone's academic life that they don't know something I know, why in the god damn hell would I not just TELL them? because the rules say I shouldn't? sounds like bad rules

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