I have been doing this secular Buddhist thing for years now, and I made this graphic for someone on my Discord server and thought that maybe someone here could use it too.

When people say, "healing is not linear," the unalome is the image I use to remember that. It's about Enlightenment™️ but applies more broadly, I think.

Near the bottom of the unalome, you begin. You run yourself in circles a bit, and your initial escape from that circling is actually a step DOWN. It is from there that you start climbing back up.

This isn't some "you have to hit rock bottom" shit because that's demonstrably not true. It's more like cleaning your house, and having to slog through the early stage where it actually feels messier than when you started.

You don't go straight up, though. You loop around and double back, but even when you are currently moving downward, you are still moving FORWARD.

It's only after you have looped around a bunch that you can turn your forward motion into consistent UPWARD motion.

Lots of these steps fucking suck, but in my experience you can't skip them. The fact that they suck does NOT mean you are somehow failing at personal growth or healing. It just means they feel shitty. Not all shitty feelings are a failure.

@cobalt i would love to connect with more secular Buddhist folk

@June Hard fucking same

the only local people who are truly going out and making themselves available in my area are really REALLY fucking culty

and it sucks

@cobalt @June Thank you for sharing this, this is a nice picture of it :)

What do you mean by "culty" ?

It’s online only for me yet, but I really like what Shi Heng Yi from the Shaolin Temple of Europe (Germany) shares.

This one seems to relate to your drawing : "About wrong practice",

The talk that made me know about him and wake up my interest : "5 hindrances to self-mastery, TEDx",


@r3vlibre @June We have SGI, which gets very Worship This Man And He'll Give You Magic and nobody there actually did dharma practice so much as chanting together to make that magic happen

which like, okay cool but
I can hang out with actual witches for that if I want it

The other is the Kadampa folks. They were the ones most willing to host meditation sessions years back when I really needed them, which is great, but they also do a lot of Worship This Teacher And You Don't Need To Learn Things type stuff. That has a very limited usefulness for me.

For a while I was going to our local Zen center, but they do a lot of seated meditation which isn't as viable for me (I have narcolepsy soooo)

@cobalt @June Oh, I see. In which area is it ?

Witches partying is nice too :)

But, looking at your drawing and explanations, I feel you what you expect from Buddhist practices is to go really deeper in yourself and to the stuff that needs to be done there, right ? If not with the Buddhist people, can’t you make witches sessions focused on that ?

That way, that makes you aim at it together with people you get along with :)

@r3vlibre You have a correct interpretation of what I'm doing with dharma practice.

I'm in it to apply the Four Noble Truths in the most practical and ethical way that I can so that I can manage my own suffering AND the suffering I cause to others.

I've learned a lot from Stephen Batchelor, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Cheri Huber. That's why I tend to refer to what I do as "dharma practice" and not identify as a Buddhist. Because the core Buddhist teachings (to me) are methods and habits and skills, not a set of hypotheses about what happens when we die or whatever else.

The difference between faith and saddha has been a big deal for me. There is a difference between "faith" and saddha, which translates better as "confirmed confidence." In English we don't differentiate between the faith it requires to believe in ghosts and the faith one uses to know the sun will keep rising for at least another few billion years.

And differentiating has been useful for me! I apply teachings from Buddhism that only require confirmed confidence, and anything that'd require me to use faith is just a type of skillful means that doesn't get me where I am going.

@cobalt Thank you for sharing your impressions, and how you live it. I don’t have all the background on the proper terminology, but I feel we are on the same line for what’s essential (it’s not easy for me to find words for what I would use in French ^^).

It’s an interesting point to bring the concept of "confirmed confidence". As you say it, I am thinking about how I cope with it in my own experience, and I probably rely on both, but knowing when which one applies :)

I will remember it now :)

@cobalt Thank you :)

And know I understand what is this particular picture, the "cyber heart" ^^

@r3vlibre It's just a heart emote, but that's the one I like to use for personal reasons

@cobalt Yeah, my sentence was not clear : I had seen the green heart, but it’s when I was hovering on the emoji shortcut that I understood it was a heart drawn as a chipset :)

@cobalt @June

What I do really like, it’s that in this practice, mind, spirit and body (to paraphrase an elder karate teacher) all go along. There is an incentive to take care of the mind and body alltogether. Through practice of the studying, meditation for the mind with receptiveness for the emotions, and also qi-gong and/or kung-fu for the body, the place where it all happens.

His main channel is: "Shi Heng Yi online",

Older teachings :


@r3vlibre @June I am probably not going to watch these because I have to care A LOT to resort to video to learn things, but thank you anyway!

@cobalt @June I understand, I feel the need to do real stuff too. I heartily share these because it brought me alot. Everyone has its own preferences, and that matters.

I wish you more explorations, that will walk you through your drawing :)

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