Work, homeoffice, differences and such 

but pure homeoffice isn't good for me. The lack of impressions that I get from those (distanced) interactions at my workplace, or the impressions when I go to work or back home after work... if this is missing it feels strange.
But it's already different now, because it's nearly march now. The days are longer... in january it was much harder for me. Alltogether I'm very happy that I can handle the office-homeoffice thingy quite flexible. It's a big privilege and I'm thankful for it.

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Work, homeoffice, differences and such 

Last week I asked if I could work in homeoffice today and I did so.

I work in IT and the reason why I wanted to work in homeoffice was because... well, we have a lot of meetings every monday that we have online on our own jitsi server. Afterward I have usually time to work on our wiki... at least we plan that there's time for this.
In practice it's usually very stressful there and when there are things to do elsewhere... tickets, things to discuss with people from other sections and such things... then I can't really concentrate well enough to work on the wiki.

So I thought it might be a good idea to have a better environment. An environment where I don't get distracted that often and where I don't have the all the other stress. And it turned out that it was a good decision 🙂 Today i could do a lot of leftovers and rearrange stuff and so on. I think I'll gonna ask if I can do this on regular basis minimum once a week.

Once I've been in homeoffice for a whole week and it wasn't planned - we had to stay at home for safety reasons. But a whole week of homeoffice was not good. It was in january and after that week I was really thirsty for sunlight. But I think a day or two every week could be very good. As HSP I enjoy the silence that I have at home 1/

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Dear Fediverse! A friendly designer created a very lovely leaflet for us to be used in our spring campaign #ConnectingGardens (attached).

Unfortunately, the design is in a private format... can anyone here please help us in creating a similar leaflet (we give you the sources) in Inkscape, Scribus or other open formats? Please DM

Besides our digital hugs and presumably good karma, you will also receive your very personal starter kit from us - full of #Open #Source #Seeds and <3

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There is a fork of #Signal called #Molly that is available on @fdroidorg and is compatible with vanilla Signal

👁️Protects database with passphrase encryption
👁️Locks down the app automatically after you go a certain time without unlocking your device
👁️Securely shreds sensitive data from RAM
👁️Allows you to delete contacts and stop sharing your profile
👁️Clears call notifications together with expiring messages
👁️Disables debug logs
👁️Supports SOCKS proxy and Tor via Orbot

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These are 1500 #seeds of #Open #Source #Tomato "Vivagrande" and their license.

We will split them in smaller quantities and include them in the send out together with other Open Source #Seeds. Each of these seeds can grow another thousands of seeds that you are free to share with everyone else.

Get yourself one of these packages and start growing Open Source #Gardens this spring:

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Last night it was not yet there. Nice to wake up in the morning and be greeted by it 🙂 ❄️

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