saw a tiktok that went basically "in the do you live near trees but not republicans" and this is basically a summary of the last 2 times I moved

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like all i want is to live in an anarchist community in the woods that still has fast internet speeds, is this too much to ask

@balrogboogie if it would be of interest, there's an episode of How to Citizen about how a tiny town in Idaho (Ammon) put together amazingly fast, broadband, public internet

@balrogboogie 100% The question of our age T__T

Small towns and forests and wilderness are so pretty, and then you turn around and find out the people are so (politically and spiritually) ugly. :( Not cool.

@balrogboogie our place in Willis has paired dsl right now, we're working on getting fiber run the quarter mile up the driveway to the farmhouse

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