I had to think about a time zone parsing problem for 5 minutes at work and my body was immediately overwhelmed by the need to sleep for an hour.

From the official Ruby DateTime docs:

> If you also have to deal with timezones then best of luck - just bear in mind that you'll probably be dealing with local solar times, since it wasn't until the 19th century that the introduction of the railways necessitated the need for Standard Time and eventually timezones.

Friends don't let friends use time zones

There also appear to be.... no unit tests for timezones in Rubylang??? Am I reading this right? They haven't even been touched in ~3 years and most of them are placeholder


There are handful that are for timezone offsets, but for example, DateTime.parse is not tested for things like "PDT" or "GMT" in a string

Normally I'm not a stickler for 100% test coverage but...... this is a stdlib in Ruby? The programming language?


@darius *looks at the pile of bugs we've had to fix in our own application that ended up being because of ruby timezone bullshit*: yea, that makes sense

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