@jens @nathan What tf is fosstodon and why do they think punching Nazis is bad?????

@cadxdr @samwightt @jens@social.finkhaeuser.de @nathan the FOSS- and tech-centered instances are almost all worth blocking imo. there are 3 that I haven't blocked: bsd.network which has some absolutely delightful people on it, hackers.town which has some good people but also some not-so-good people, and floss.social which i have no strong feelings about but at the very least haven't had any bad interactions with

@balrogboogie @cadxdr @nathan All of the good folks I know on Twitter seem to be avoiding migrating for some reason :/ Maybe it’s because the tech instances are so bad?

But also I’ve still been able to find some wonderful queer tech people on here


@samwightt @cadxdr @nathan oh yea there's lots of good queer tech people here, in my experience they tend to be found outside the more tech-focused instances tho

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