chuds: "trigger warnings are ruining media and a sign that society is getting soft"

Chaucer, in Þe Olden Times:

@balrogboogie (when I was having to read middle English texts for school, my screenreader was complete garbage with Middle English, so you made a good choice here thank you :) )

@bright_helpings *whew*, thanks, I was worried that excluding some of the content would be a bad thing, I just couldn't imagine a screen reader dealing with "M'athynketh" properly

@balrogboogie Yeah I mean maybe for some of them there's somewhere a plug-in for historical English for experts but tbh I doubt it and it certainly wasn't a feature of the proprietary, expensive one that I used for school!

@balrogboogie Recently I found out that the 1931 Frankenstein film begins with a guy going "hey just you know this is gonna be kind of a disturbing movie. Maybe skip it if you're not into that"

@agafnd it also credits Mary Shelley as "Mrs Percy Shelley," which is, uh, not great, but I suppose nothing's perfect lol

@balrogboogie nobody will know who she is unless we use the name of her more famous husband, uh,

@balrogboogie haha the Miller's Tale is one of the best! Second only to the Wife of Bath's - it's soooo lewd and was both uncomfortable and hilarious to read in HS english class... especially because the teacher's son was in my class 🤣 😅

but also I totally hadn't remembered his TW on it - good point and I'm definitely bookmarking this.

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