*holds up sign* Don't say 'accessible' when you mean 'step-free'!

Mostly just stop calling things accessible like it's a binary thing, like there's one thing that makes something either accessible or not. Definitely stop calling things "fully accessible" as that's a literally meaningless phrase. Oh, no, I take it back: what that means is "you can't trust anything this person/entity is saying about access beause they know so little they think something can be "fully accessible."

@bright_helpings *builds a ramp* "wow, I wonder when i'll get my Disability Advocate of the Year award"

@balrogboogie I wish you were exaggerating but this is honestly no lie. :)


@bright_helpings both my parents' careers involved working with disabled people so I spent a lot of my childhood at fundraisers, group home social events, etc. so while I obviously haven't experienced it firsthand, I witnessed this kind of attitude a LOT lol

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