so now that APIs aren't copyrightable, how can we legally define Mickey Mouse as an API

and yes, i'm aware this isn't exactly the ruling, please stop being pedantic in my mentions

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@balrogboogie unfortunately, APIs *are* copyrightable still. What this decision says is that "fair use" is a valid defense when being accused of violating the copyright of computer programming APIs, only.

@balrogboogie (of course, that does still mean that we are able to use Mickey Mouse if we somehow get the character defined as an API)

@yuki the US supreme court ruled in favor of google in oracle v google, so now "fair use" is a common defense to copyright claims on APIs

Yeah if Oracle won this would have been hell.

Now let's watch the Oracle execs panicking as they watch their stonks fall, lol 📉 😱

@balrogboogie That's not the ruling tho, they ruled that Google's use of the Java APIs was fair use, which has different implications.

@balrogboogie nuh uh, no way, you can't just make jokes, you have to be an insufferable pedant instead

@finn i have been sufficiently punished for my sins, I shalt never poast again

@balrogboogie LMAO, there should be an AI API that generates HN style comments.

@balrogboogie it's helpful for those of us who didn't get the news until they saw your op >_>

@balrogboogie it's a... mouse API, correct?

Technology is a passion of mine

@ljwrites "Mickey Mouse" is just a collection of simple components right? Ears, Buttons, and Racism

@balrogboogie use the mickey mouse api to find out who the fuck asked

@balrogboogie please i've been asking this all year to no avail

@balrogboogie he's just a collection of onMouse events, easy peasy.

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