new pinned toot:

- Fuck TERFs, SWERFs, and their associated detritus
- FOSS is a failed ideology and RMS is a creepy pedo
- Fuck your "free speech"
- Blocking shitty instances is Good, Actually
- Fuck cops & the military
- Fuck Nazis, historical and modern

this post is finding me new people to block, at least

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@balrogboogie what do we replace FOSS with? The world needs free and open software, just not like this. The ideology didn't fail us, the people did.

We need to figure out what replaces FOSS. Do we just stan proprietary software because it's the only other option? Those companies don't have our rights in mind either. Many of them fund politicians, parties, and organizations that want to hurt people such as myself and my loved ones.

I can't accept giving them money to build my prison.

There are infinite ways to say "you don't get the point", but one way to block.

Life is too short to get lost between endless choices.

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