@balrogboogie this so called ”short squeeze” opens up in a completely new way now

@balrogboogie @Stoori

I’m sorry but:

‘... as well as the “complete nonsense” idea that wombats pat the faeces into shape after they deposit them.’

LMAOOOO what in the WORLD would ever. EVER. possess an animal to engage in such behaviour?!

And like... I want to be a fly on the wall at the meeting where someone introduced this as their hypothesis and did so with a straight face 😂🤣

@balrogboogie “The researchers also found that cube-shaped faeces on an eight degree slope rolled far less than spherical-shaped models.”

Thank god they’re doing the hard science so the rest of us can go on living

@balrogboogie @checkervest our lives will forever be changed from this momentous discovery moving forward. I’m breathing so much easier knowing; such a tremendous weight has been lifted

@balrogboogie we live in an amazing age. some jerk who died 50 years ago lived their whole life wondering why wombats shit out cubes but not us.

@balrogboogie I've been waiting for someone to start making jokes about shitting bricks...

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