i love books because i don’t have to enable javascript or remember a password to use them

i love books because as i continue to read them, they do not progressively fill with ads and spyware

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@garbados I love books because there is a very high probability that Jeff Bezos won't break into my house and rip them out of my hands

@balrogboogie jeff bezos at your window, leering as you turn another page and laugh at something a character says. hate fills his eyes, froth his mouth. books, he thinks, so full of rage that no other word arrives. books. books! books!!

@garbados wild to think there's a universe in which he did, tho

@balrogboogie @garbados I love books because you can cry your eyes out on them without crying right after because you just broke your book and putting it in the rice hoping that the circuits will somehow heal!

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