huh, til the etymology of "goodbye" is that it was originally "god be with you" and it just got contracted more and more over the centuries

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@balrogboogie now people just say bye. Can't wait till 200 years later when we just say b to say our farewells

@balrogboogie the "god. bye!" period was allegedly fraught, yet intriguing

@balrogboogie Missed opportunity: In the Star Wars universe, they should have said "forbye" whenever they would have said "goodbye"

@balrogboogie Russian "zdravstvuyte" which is format greeting meaning "prosper" is pronounced "zdras'te" in 99.9% of the cases so

@balrogboogie I once misspelled goodbye as godbye in a group chat years ago and people laughed at me, turns out I was right all along! 🙃

@quirk you were right, just a couple hundred years off!

@balrogboogie same in Spanish, "adios," and French "adieu," they basically mean "go with god"

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