huh, TIL that "mana" got into popular culture due to westerners appropriating a concept from many Pacific Islander cultures

@balrogboogie Yup! It's one of the most insidious examples of cultural appropriation I can think of because it's so non-blatant unless you already know what "mana" actually is

@witchfynder_finder yea I had no clue, I thought it was somehow related to "manna" from the bible or something

@benhamill @balrogboogie Nah, manna was a sort of bread that came from God when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness

@witchfynder_finder @benhamill I knew that, I just assumed that somewhere "bread from heaven" became "power from heaven" became "magical energy" or something, I never really investigated or thought any deeper about it

@witchfynder_finder @balrogboogie Yeah. It rained from the sky or something? IDK. Sounds kinda magic to me. At least, absent any other exposure to a similar-sounding word, that was the best assumption I could make in junior high or whenever I first encountered the term in, like, Final Fantasy or something.

@meena nope! "mana" is a concept from many Pacific Islander cultures that usually means something like "energy," "life-force," "magic," etc. Larry Niven used it in a book in the 60's and it entered fantasy literature and games from there

@balrogboogie i've only played dungeons & dragons once or twice, and i didn't know at the time it was "that old"…

where i got to really know "mana" from, was "Seikken Densetsu II"

that is, secret of mana
which, while, originating on a pacific island… the version i played, was translated in the US…

@balrogboogie TIL

and also? i moved away from(bare with me)

juju, mojo, "energy~", and chi- to "pagh"

because its the only one that wasnt appropriative or new age (crystal magick~~)

"pagh" is from star trek so that says a lot about me

Til, and taking suggestions on replacement words. For ex, Warframe just calls it Energy, (capital E) even if it's the same game mechanically

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