when it comes to social programs, the answer to "where do you think the money should come from" is *always*: the police and the military. this isn't a great economic riddle or anything, the money is there, it just needs to be allocated humanely

wow this blew up but I don't have a soundcloud to promote, give your money to BIPOC instead

Show thread like a lot of federal programs you could literally double their funding by taking it directly from the military budget and the military wouldn't even fucking feel a thing

@InspectorCaracal it's truly obscene how much money we waste on the military-industrial complex

@balrogboogie @InspectorCaracal and if you somehow run out of military, just start on Jeff Bezos, switching targets as he drops below other useless billionaires

@balrogboogie also expropriating real estate owners and investment banks

@balrogboogie @anarchiv doesnt money exist for the state to extract quantified value from ppl in order to fund war/imperial power.

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