long, synopsis of the new chunk tingle book 

Chuck Tingle is the greatest author of our generation:

"Trans wizard Harriet Porber is a master spellsmith who's found herself in a bit of a pickle. After finishing wizard college, Harriet made a name for herself by creating a hit viral spell, but has since failed to craft a follow up. Now Harriet’s agent, Minerma, is breathing down her neck, suggesting that Harriet take a trip to an island off the coast of England for inspiration.

Hoping for some peace and quiet to clear her head, Harriet Porber arrives to find that her new neighbor, an angsty bard named Snabe from the band Seven Inch Nails, is already there making a racket. This parasaurolophus spellcaster is a bad boy through and through, and with his incredible powers of metamagic, Snabe reveals that this layer of reality is much more than it seems. Could Harriet and Snabe really be characters in a parody romance novel?

Soon enough, these two are discovering they have more similarities that differences: both trans, both strong, and both hoping to create a new spell that will change the world. But with the addition of two devious sentient motorcycles to the mix, Dellatrix and Braco, things start to get complicated..."

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it's buried a bit in the synopsis, but apparently the parasaurolophus is trans too?

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re: long, synopsis of the new chunk tingle book 

@balrogboogie this is incredible

re: long, synopsis of the new chunk tingle book 

@balrogboogie Oh my goodness.

@balrogboogie Bonus: On other platforms he's talked about a chunk of proceeds going to Transgender Law Center and Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

@balrogboogie is that a wooly wizard mammoth riding a motorcycle witch?

@zatnosk I think so? not totally sure, there's no mention of a mammoth in the synopsis, though the sentient motorcycle underneath the mammoth is mentioned

@balrogboogie it might just be standing above and behind the sentient motorcycle, but I really hope the mammoth got to ride the motorcycle and possibly also say "yer a wizzard, harriet".


From wikipedia:

> Tingle began his career by writing dinosaur erotica and expanded to stories based on unicorns, Bigfoot, and various anthropomorphized objects and even concepts.

Excuse me while I go out for a second.

*Proceeds to roll on the floor laughing his ass off*

@rick_777 oh did you not know about Chuck? you're in for a treat, his books are ridiculous and hilarious, and even though his online persona is strange, he's a really good person

> In April 2016, Space Raptor Butt Invasion was shortlisted for a Hugo Award for Best Short Story in the prestigious Hugo Awards for science fiction.[18] This stemmed from a campaign by the alt-right "Rabid Puppies" group, a faction of the Sad Puppies movement that laments the perceived politicization of science fiction.

Oh, so THAT's why he was nominated.

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