Here's one called ""Nea ope se obedi hene," which means "whoever wants to lead in the future must first learn to serve."

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Here's a symbol called "mmere dane." It represents how everything changes in time.

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They're documented in this book called "The Copyright Thing Doesn’t Work Here: Adinkra and Kente Cloth and Intellectual Property in Ghana."

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Checking out some medieval West African symbols.

I'm reading a book called "Rage Becomes Her" by Soraya Chemaly and it is excellent.

It talks about how women's anger (especially women of color) is not so much ignored as it is systematically belittled, and how that belittlement is a gaslighting strategy to decrease our motivation to exercise power. Highly recommend.

just found out that I missed an online talk hosted by a meditation center I used to visit called "Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger" 😭

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Okay. Apparently the answer to the question of how chiles got to Sichuan province is unknown to anglophone scholars who write blogs. Chiles do not appear on the manifests of Spanish and Portuguese ships that would have sailed between Asia, Europe, and North America.

Their best guess is that working class Indigenous and Mestizo ship workers liked eating chiles and brought them onto Spanish and Portuguese ships to season the crew's food. The ingredients for the crew's food wouldn't have made it onto manifests.

The article I read doesn't mention this, but chiles are full of vitamin C, so it would be a very clever innovation to eat spicy food on ships to prevent scurvy.

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Now I'm going to decide on what to ferment next after I look up the history of when Sichuan food came to incorporate chiles. I'm curious about how Sichuan province in particular became an epicenter of delicious spicy chile-containing food since chiles were first cultivated by Indigenous people in the americas.

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The first week of doubanjiang fermentation is done. The fermented fava beans look absolutely terrifying :blobcatinnocent: but they smell nutty and pungent like fancy soft cheese.

Today I added plenty of chiles and other spices. I'll let it ferment in a warm place for two or three months.

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currently drinking coffee from a ceramic beer stein that was meant to be a souvenir because i couldn't find another cup big enough, waiting for my eyes to open all the way

this morning is for real


I'm happy because I'm in the process making this delicious fermented bean paste (doubanjiang).

Now even if I have a rough day, every day is still a good day because I'm closer to having doubanjiang.

Hi everyone! I'm a grad student in northern california working on brain stuff. I'm interested in plant and fungi identification, video games, board games, and food.

I like learning about decolonization, police/prison abolition, healing inter-generational trauma, and food sovereignty. Pronouns are she/her or ze/hir. Black, Tuscaroran. :blobcat:

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