mutual aid request; begpost; trans gal needs help to keep her kitties safe; please boost; :boost_ok: ; mentions pet death 

so, I just realized that I need way more stuff to be able to bring my kittens home. I.. was just not thinking about it. Aside from putting the nets around the apartment I also need stuff like food and litter boxes and oof

my kittens are currently living with my parents but they started running away from home and while they do come back, the neighborhood is famously known for just fucking murdering street cats. I've been trying to save money to be able to bring them over safely but failing miserably

my mom going to spend some time away from home and my father can't and won't take care of the cats so I need to be able to bring them home ASAP or there are huge risks of them going away and never coming back ever again.

they are a litter of 4 (lugia, articuno, zapdos and moltres) but one of them is already with a good friend of mine. I'd keep the remaining 3 but they are too many so I'll be keeping 2 and giving one away even tho it pains me deeply

oh, those pics is from just a few days after they were born. they are now 8 months old but I don't have a pic of them all

thanks again >.<


cat pics cat pics 

I have more recent pics of them tho.

the history goes like this: we rescued their mom but we weren't able to afford castrating her before she got pregnant. on the day she was due I was doing the dishes and she came to me and said "yo wtf it is fucking time" so I got the box we had prepared for her and put it down by a quiet corner on the dining room where she could see me washing the dishes and went back to it.

but I had to get something from my room and I went there real quick and she just ran and get under my bed on a mattress that was being stored there. She was already giving birth so I wasn't gonna interfere.

I finished doing the dishes, took the food, water and litter to there.

so there they were born, under my bed and they lived on my room. I work on the computer that also was on my room so basically I was with then all of the time.

my family jokes that I'm their doula and that's why they like me very much but the truth is that I basically was with them all of the time.

They are very very dear to me and I dunno what would happen to me if anything bad ever happened to them >.<

mutual aid request; begpost; 

oh, and I didn't add on the main post as I usually do because I ran out of characters but I'd much rather work than beg.

I can do translation, game design stuff, tarot spreads, pixel art and lots of stuff. I'm actually trying to get back to game development and started developing a silly game about sex ( but I've been having -300 spoons these days :')

I've been literally researching price for car stuff for literally 4 hours and I've just stopped because baby Lugia is visiting and while I got up to the bathroom she took my chair as her bed.

cat pics cat pics 

@ardydo hi your babies are adorable 😭😭😭😭😭

cat pics cat pics 

@melaniemoo tyvm I was actually really sad nobody even interacted with the post. kalskdhshshsus ><

cat pics cat pics 

@ardydo I had saw it before but I didn't have the spoons to reply at the time, I'm making up for that now 💜💜💜😭

cat pics cat pics 

@melaniemoo ty ty ty they're great I love em so much I'm crying just thinking of them ajaijsshhdisai >\\\<

cat pics cat pics 

@ardydo oh my god that second picture

look at that kitties FACE

absolutely cute

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