so, while we're still debating all this cw stuff and reminiscing about how bipoc people have been and are pushed off the fedi, please, take a moment and watch this video:

content warning for violence against minorities because I swear to the divine entity of your preference it gets the point across so violently and clearly that I honestly had to hold back tears the first time I watched it and I'm not exaggerating.

yeah, it is a white guy (maybe that will make you listen I dunno) but the point is there.

before you go tone policing, before you move to somewhat silence anybody who is trying to speak, remember this.

if you didn't get it, the point is that being socko is just everyday for us.

most of the time we don't have our own voice because we'll not get listened to. the white people need to be willing to listen or to give us platforms and everytime they do if we don't choose carefully what we say we upset the white people and they may react violently in a way that is just plain accepted by everyone around us.

the angry black person stereotype is a testament of this. it is what happens when we're not willing to play by the rules white people set for us.

"oh please, explain to me this upsetting subject that I could go and learn myself" says the white people and when we get upset by the subject or by having to explain that to then they get violent.

do you have any fucking idea how taxing living like this is? how much energy goes into that?

that is how the word fucking works :')

now, to get the point across one more time.

just watch as this thread will not get even a fraction of the interactions my post saying I like content warnings got.


okay, thanks for proving me wrong.

if you feel like I can always use some money to cover my expenses that are mostly from my abusive parent :')

don't make me tap the white guy video

nothing actually prompted this.

I just wanted to pin a funny toot referencing to it

@ardydo Thank you so much for writing this. It must have been emotionally exhausting.

And the sad part is that people will probably boost exactly the same content to the stratosphere if a white person copies and pastes this.

White people need to experience your POV first hand to realize this. I would double-boost this if I could.

@yuki2501 it really was.

at least this post actually was heavily boosted so I hope it did somehow got to people willing to listen.

@ardydo Maybe I can give it more visibility. Can I link to the post and ask folks to boost it?

@ardydo as someone new to Fedi, what has happened to chase Bipoc people away? Is that a systematic issue with the platform or a cultural issue?

Really brand new, so I swear I'm asking from ignorance, not some weird devil's advocate crap.

Advice, meta 

@madmonk @ardydo basically folks asking for content warnings inundated Black folks with requests to CW their stuff, which they did not want to do and yet ppl kept asking

Also lots of mansplaining and whitesplaining about how to use the block feature

I'm probs doing a horrible job explaining so I'd recommend checking out the following folks' feeds for more info (not tagging them directly so I don't clutter their mentions with this stuff but you can copy-paste these into your search bar and remove the space after the @ symbol to find their accounts and follow them):


And just in case it needs to be said, spend a lot of time reading these folks' posts but resist the urge to post or reply @ them with useless advice that they already know, or platitudes. B/c as far as I can tell that was a big part of the problem.

Advice, meta 

@OkraMonk @madmonk yeah, basically that! thanks for the reply you were more through than I could be and I appreciate it!

@madmonk @ardydo I'm white, so don't listen to me when others are saying it better: but there have been numerous POC-led instances whose leadership and members have been harassed so hard they closed the instance, and some left the Fediverse entirely.

As IRL, complaining about racism as a POC on here appears to get about 15% genuine concern, 25% liberal head-shaking, and 60% indifference/harassment. This is my outsider estimation -- it's probably actually worse.

I have seen people I personally liked, rip off the mask and say some shocking things, publicly, when challenged. Whether I agreed with the challenge or not is fucking moot. Scratch a liberal (and too often a leftist too), find a fascist.

I think it's a cultural issue, not a platform one. Every white person on here needs to add active anti-racism to their daily personal mental labor. Tech won't solve this, though the more-active moderation on here seems to help some.

@erosdiscordia @madmonk @ardydo don't forget the 50% white people explaining how to erase racism out of existence by simply blocking the people who have already harassed you

@ardydo Holy... That video hits hard. Thank you for sharing it. I hadn't seen it before. I will keep it around to share with others when I think it might help or just to give myself a quick reminder when I need it.

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