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mutual aid request; begpost; trans gal needs help to keep her kitties safe; please boost; :boost_ok: 

updates! I've done some price hunting and I've updated the prices to fit. I've also realized that I'll need to vaccinate the kittens but i'll try first taking them to the vet. thankfully they're already neutered.

the net person is coming by monday. I've bought what I could afford of the stuff needed online and it is on the way here.

if nothing goes wrong I could be able to bring them home by next week and that's amazing :crying_imp_dog_snout:

I need just a little more so I can afford the netting and the last thing they need.

I'd much rather work. I can do translations, pixel art, game design, some coding, spreadsheets and more. If you need anything or has any opportunities I'd love to have then.

any help is very appreciated and every boost helps immensely. thank you very much!


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shitpost about me hating capital letters 

capital letter: A

me: could you fucking not?

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"how much anime have you watched, aru?" you ask.

To which I respond: way too fucking much:

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long introduction post 


I'm... hum... [ aru > ardydo > andré ]. You can call me whatever you feel like it. My pronouns are they/them for now (refer to my bio for any updates on that).

I'm a black non-binary gamedev and I guess a researcher too ( :AAAAAAA: ) from brazil. I really like to play games, study languages, watch animes, listen to podcasts, write (a little), play music, origami, cooking, personal organization, aggregating data from myself because I think it's fun, spreadsheets and I dunno what else. Expect me to talk about all of this and some more on here!

I've been on the fedi for some time and I'm even a mod over at but I've decided to create a new account to toot in english because:

1. need to shitpost in english
2. there have been some really great accounts that i'd like to interact more with then and I guess that english is the "world language" ( :yikes: )
3. i kinda need to practice writing and communicating in english... because... I want to, really.
4. the world needs to see my shitposts, like for realsies.
5. maybe show my work and maybe get some gringobucks while at it. That would be nice.

You can find my games over at

I'll talk more about myself over some other toots!

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Once again I am struggling to find graphic novels appropriate for my 7-year-old that weren't all created by white creators. And lists of recommendations for "diverse" books can't be trusted, because they're usually books by white creators but featuring characters who aren't white. #GraphicNovels #Diversity

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Fundraising, GFM, Pamela Clare 

Hello, friends. Romance author Pamela Clare is fighting cancer and other problems, which has left her unable to write. No writing, no income, much medical debt. Can we help Ms Clare through this GFM set up by her colleagues and friends?

(Please boost so other people see this)
#Fundraising #GFM #MedicalDebt #Cancer

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Quoted toot, donation link to domestic violence survivor (not me, I'm manually boosting this with CW) 

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Content Warning Discourse, Content Warning Labels 

I know that I do not have many follows on this account, but please if you can spell out your CW. I had to guess that ph meant physical health and mh meant mental health.

Not everyone here is going to be in the loop about the abbreviations, so please spell them out or at least have a pinned message where you define them.

Here is a list of the following common CWs I see where someone cannot immediately guess:

mh means Mental Health

ph means Physical Health

- means negative

+ means positive

Birdsite means Twitter

Elmo means Elon Musk

Sanism means discrimination against those with mental conditions, mental disabilities, or mental illnesses

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looking for an artist to commission: must be good with big/chubby body shapes and big bellies, pls

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From the Why Not desk:

Somebody give me a job. I've run my own company for six years now doing fonts/typography/UI consulting and had an additional six years working in the same industry beforehand (for Monotype). That's more-or-less project and product management. I am more than capable of nearly any basic tech job as well as leading design teams.

Here's my 🤮​ linkedin

Boost me bb

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Autistic people remember stories about Autistic characters better than stories about Allistic characters and vice versa.

An effective self assessment of Autism can be done though exploring characters you love and embrace and finding them embraced by the Autistic Community.

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I'm putting together my workshop slides for Making Peace with Your Photos, and it's so satisfying and exciting to pull together all these things I've been talking about for years!

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Still 2 hours left to chit chat. You do not need an account for Jitsi or to download anything, just click the link if you have the spoons.

I will now proceed to fidget in an asexual way 😜

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hot tabletop take: something, somewhere, is always determining what happens in your game.

if it's not dice, or tokens, or numbers and stats, or some other kind of written-down system, it's you- or more likely, a conglomeration of invisible, unwritten rules shared between the people at the table.

that can be a lot of fun if everyone is on their A Game! but if someone is feeling overly tired, or is neurodivergent and using way more processing power than everyone else, or has group anxiety, or has communication difficulties, or just has a very different idea of what's fun than everyone else and nobody realizes that until after the decisions have been made... that can be a massive pain in the ass.

please remember that systems that don't do the work for you are not inherently superior. they're just a different type of tool.


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something happened and we direly need housing as we feel extremely unsafe here with how much our physical and mental health has been impacted. we have $850 monthly income and live in new lenox, IL but are willing to relocate just about anywhere but would need help getting there

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest @mutualaid

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People who have a lot of gender labels are so cool!

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As you share your posts and host your events for the International Day of People with Disabilities, don't let them simply be a one-day signal of acknowledging disabled people, a box you've checked off.

The more than one billion disabled people who exist in this world are worthy of access and full inclusion today.

And tomorrow.
And next week.
And all month.
And next year.

#InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities #IDPD #IDPWD #Disability #DisabilityRights

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"Body language analysis is an ableist pseudoscience. No I am not even slightly kidding."

Source: "The Ableism of Body Language Analysis"
by Oakwyrm, on YouTube


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This #AntiracismSocialSaturday, I will be available on Jitsi starting in 1 hour! I will drop the link below for that.

As I know that each of you are on your own anti-racism journey with your own pace, I would encourage you not to compare yourself to me or anyone else. I only list what I do to give you all a sense of some ideas of what you can do or how this journey looks for me. My intent is not to intimidate or scare anyone off.

This week, I have mostly been collecting on who I can start supporting as I get my paycheck next week and have more spare funds than usual. I have also been trying to rest more and take better care of myself. Lastly, I have been working on accepting my hair more. I have stopped referring to it as a bundled mess and instead start calling it fluffy ball.

Anyways, here's a picture of me rocking my hair after I recently washed it with conditioner.

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lewd but it is silly 

oh yeah, the eternal dillema:
- are they just being nice to me?
- are they flirting with me?
- do they wanna fuck me?
- all of the above?


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what do autists and loan sharks have in common? 

special interests

negative; money; mentions racism; 

I also need to redo my begpost because last iteration of it wasn't "palatable" enough so it means less interactions and less donations and I've been postponing it because I feel just fucking dirty about that

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