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As isn't maintained anymore, and that security releases will not be published, we are gonna migrate back this instance on mainline very soon.

Instance users, please bear with us for some downtime. Check this account and the external status page ( to be informed of the ongoing work.

annnnnd, it's done!

Enjoy Florence v0.0.1.2 and have a good afternoon.

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The instance will be momently unavailable around 11:00 (UTC +02:00) today. We are upgrading it to the last version 0.1.2.

Have a good day!

Ehhhh, sorry, false alarm!

Due to an planning problem the update of the instance is postponed to Thursday, same hour!

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Hi fellow users,

The instance will be momentarily unavailable this afternoon around 15:00 (UTC +02:00) today. We are gonna upgrade it to to the last version.


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