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Due to some temporary issues with our server provider we are delaying the announced .

As soon as we have news, we'll communicate through this channel. Stay updated!

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Some more informations about the window ahead:

Expect the instance not being available as soon as 18:00 CET GMT +01:00 and staying offline for at least 3 hours.

We'll keep you informed here for a more precise timeframe.

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Here is a short announcement about another big plan arriving soon.

We are going to shut off the instance for some time to migrate to another storage solution, because actually there isn't anymore space available here.

Hopefully more informations to come later in the day.

Since the migration last week we forgot to reapply patches to boost the characters limits.

It's fixed and you can now write up to 1312 characters on the instance.

And it's now done! We are on v3.1.2, everything seems to run just fine.

Don't hesitate to ping us if you encounter some pesky bugs! :goose_hacker:

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The operation is now going on, we are back on track to Mastodon v2.9.1, slowly coming up to the last stable version.

Expect more downtime in the coming hours!

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So this is it! We are gonna take the instance offline at 08:00pm (GMT +02:00) this evening and plan to do a 2 hours straight operation. Check back later on for more information

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As isn't maintained anymore, and that security releases will not be published, we are gonna migrate back this instance on mainline very soon.

Instance users, please bear with us for some downtime. Check this account and the external status page ( to be informed of the ongoing work.

annnnnd, it's done!

Enjoy Florence v0.0.1.2 and have a good afternoon.

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The instance will be momently unavailable around 11:00 (UTC +02:00) today. We are upgrading it to the last version 0.1.2.

Have a good day!

Hi fellow users,

The instance will be momentarily unavailable this afternoon around 15:00 (UTC +02:00) today. We are gonna upgrade it to to the last version.


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