We are defederating from starting today.

We cannot stress enough the need for decentralization of online spaces so all voices, the erased ones in particular, can be heard in a caring way.

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@admin could you point at any reasons why are you defederating so others can consider it too? their coc seems ok and they are defederating a lot (most?) of facist instances?

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@luka @admin The decision was made out of an overabundance of caution for our user base, some of which have faced harassment on the fedi from bad actors hiding on large instances with lacking moderation. Thats it. Its not a condemnation of the userbase. Its only that we saw far too many red flags from the Admin's response to calls for accountability by other admin and users across the fedi.

This decision is being kept open for discussion as we're all hopeful that in the near future, we'll be able to openly federate with them again. I'm hopeful its simply growing pains and us being overly cautious.

@admin is there any explanation you can point to about this at all? Thanks

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@ikora @admin Hi, I'm a relatively new r.l. mod.

Kolektiva has brought a large number of rad users to the fediverse. Kolektiva also is commendable for kicking off the fash sympathizers who made their way onto the instance. And every user from kolektiva that I've been lucky enough to interact with has been wonderful.

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@ikora @admin It's just that moderating a large new instance with open sign-ups is difficult, so for individual personal reasons based on their experiences across the fedi, most of the mods here aren't yet comfortable enough with kolektiva to remain federated for now.

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@ikora @admin It's not a condemnation of kolektiva. I personally hope defederation is just temporary and that we'll refederate in the future when comfort levels increase (if kolektiva would be willing to be federated with us again).

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@ikora @admin I'm a (relatively new) mod here and I won't speak for anyone else. My personal feeling is that I adore so many kolektiva users but I also spend a lot of time seeing them have to defend themselves from other shitty users in the fedi. The presence of racist, ableist, wilfully ignorant assholes in other instances in the fedi isn't kolektiva's fault at all.

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@ikora @admin But a goal of this instance is to be one space where you don't have to justify basic facts about your existence as an oppressed person in the face of hostile ignorance. Here, as soon as some gaslighting fash-sympathetic racist asshole puts a toe in my mentions, they're likely to get yeeted sometimes even before I can report them.

The hopefully temporary defederation is just an effort to maintain that level of respect for r.l. users until kolektiva stabilizes and gets used to moderating.

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@dark_soil @admin ah. This is an interesting view. I get it. So you’ve got a space where you don’t have to do that extra layer of work we all do irl and online all the time. And you want to keep it that way. Ok. Thanks for clarifying. It also means that if I want to continue engaging with y’all I need to step up my moderation game right? :) just starting off so I need to be prepared so the same thing doesn’t happen to me or worse I cause harm to your users by not nodding well.

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@ikora @admin Speaking for myself, looks totally safe and good for federation without as much scrutiny because it's very small with closed sign-ups. So there's nowhere near the overwhelming moderation load that could happen when federating with an open instance with thousands of users.

I personally don't expect every instance we're federated with to mod like us. We're just being cautious and I understand why people might think we're being over-cautious. There's been a lot of mod work recently so we're trying to be wise in respecting our capacity.

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@dark_soil @admin ok. I understand what you’re saying. And I don’t really judge overly cautious. You’re being as cautious as you need to be to feel safe. That’s alright imo.

@ikora Like Dumi said, its being done out of an overabundance of caution for the protection of our users. Kolektiva has almost 5k users now and last I'd heard, only 1 Admin (it could have changed by now). For scale, RL has 76 users but 3 Admin and 2 Mods and even between the 5 of us there's still a lot of work to do.

its just concerning that such a large instance with open registration has so little oversight.

@glitter I see! Thank you for the explanation. I was checking what I should look out for.

@ikora I'm always willing to help out if I can. Just shoot me a DM or @ me.

@glitter I’ve gotten a DM from them in response to my question. They said they have 6 mods. So yeah it’s a different style instance it appears.

@ikora Oh thats a great thing to hear. I'm not in favor of micromanaging users but its always good to have a set of eyes out for bad actors.

@glitter @ikora they have a lot more admins now actually, I'm in contact with the Kolektiva mods and they're very proactive about dealing with issues.

are you considering refederating at some point in the future, or at least changing it to a silence so communications aren't totally lost?

@keith @ikora One of our mods contacted Kolektiva mods yesterday afternoon shortly after defederation and established a conversation with them. The defed isn't permanent, we agreed on that collectively. We'll be revisiting the decision soon to discuss re-federation because genuinely most of us dont want to completely lose contact with them.

@glitter @keith that’s really really cool and I’m happy that folks are willing to put in a bit of effort to keeping relationships going. It’s a great sign. And thank you for following up. I don’t object or anything. I’m just trying to learn and understand things here. Thank you for helping with that.

@admin there are more black queer femme folks on kolektiva then any other instance I have seen. This move makes me sus as fuck of your motives honestly

@liaizon I'm gonna stop you right there and tell you that despite the fact that we don't advertise it, our mod team and user base are also made up of BIPOC queer users. Our decision was made as a response to Kolektiva's admin's poor response to calls from other admins to be responsible for their user base and their flippant response afterwards. The defederation is not permanent and will be revisited in the future for a possible reversal, but for the time being the Admin's actions are showing too many red flags for our collective comfort.

@glitter thanks for the response! that is understandable and I hope that a resolution can be achieved. I have already seen a number of really lovely people bummed about being defederated with and feeling like there must be a way to help this matter. Kolektiva isn’t just another instance it’s explicitly collective project between a number of quite notable collectives. I see they are having growing pains and I want to help relieve some of that burden by encouraging some further communication.

@liaizon I just want it to be clear that its not a condemnation of the user base as a whole. This is purely an issue with the moderation. If it turns out our reaction was harsh🤷 it was done out of an overabundance of caution for the protection of our users, some of which have faced harassment here on the fedi by users that flew under the radar of very large instances with lacking moderation. This issue is being kept open for conversation among both the users and the mod team and I really hope we'll be able to lift the defed in the near future.

@liaizon @admin I just want to point out that wks ago other Blk users were raising concerns abt the instance on a mod/admin thing (nothing w the users, in fact it was precisely BECAUSE of the Blk users new there) Yes a ww's post was the most visible, and the dogpiling on the post was steeped in misogyny.

If mods anywhere can't be found to protect Blk users thats a concern I have. Ppl wondering abt r.l when theres other instances w history of antiblackness w no questions of em is also v strange.

@liaizon @admin I think it's weird that a team of BIPOC queer folk is getting questioned when other Blk users elsewhere where ignored, and there's no energy towards other actual racists. Its all very strange to me

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