We are AGAIN experiencing issues with our storage system. We reached out to the provider and are waiting for them to resolve this.

In the meantime we are discussing migration plans with @kyzh to ensure better availability.

We'll keep you updated!


We are going to migrate the instance away from today, we're expecting some downtime.

No more than an hour if everything goes as planned. We'll inform you as soon as we know when we'll need to shutdown the instance.

Stay tuned!

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We are going down now, see you on the other side!

Like in an hour. :)

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Here we are, everything looks good so far. Give the instance some time to catch up all the missed toots!


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@admin Yay, seems like it went pretty smooth! Thanks :ablobcatbongo:

@tofuwabohu Yeah, smoother than the last time. Hopefully the instance will be more reliable for the times to come!

@admin @kyzh May I request a little feature? It would be great to have a custom favicon to have a better distinction in the tab bar. The status page already got the rage love molly, maybe that one?
Don't want to rush you of course, I'm just glad pics are working again :)

@admin Yeah, time for silly profile pictures! Thanks :)

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