Our object storage system, used to serve assets uploaded by our users is down. We have reached out to our provider and are now waiting for the service to be restored.

In the meantime it's not possible to upload media (add images, videos or songs to your posts), we are sorry for that and will keep you updated.

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As of today the issue isn't resolved, we finally had confirmation that's related to the following issue:

We are sorry for the annoyance and will keep you informed.

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It looks like the storage issue has finally been fixed!

Please bear with us, performances will be a little bit degraded next hours for the instance to catch up old medias.

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Sorry again for the huge delay for fixing this problem. Everything is running smooth now.

If you encounter some strange stuff don't hesitate to reach us directly!

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@admin Apparently it not only affects our ability to post media but also the timeline. For example this post didn't show up in my TL and I can't even force it to get synchronized by putting it in the search field. I noticed this for some other posts as well.

It's pretty similar to some server errors that were on a while ago, it was also mostly a media thing but in hindsight we noticed that many posts didn't arrive (they did arrive after everything was fixed though)

@admin Just realized that it's about all remote posts containing any media, even if I'm mentioned in them.

@tofuwabohu yeah, all incoming medias are also impacted, sorry for not being sufficiently clear on this in the beginning.

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