Here is a short announcement about another big plan arriving soon.

We are going to shut off the instance for some time to migrate to another storage solution, because actually there isn't anymore space available here.

Hopefully more informations to come later in the day.

Some more informations about the window ahead:

Expect the instance not being available as soon as 18:00 CET GMT +01:00 and staying offline for at least 3 hours.

We'll keep you informed here for a more precise timeframe.

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Due to some temporary issues with our server provider we are delaying the announced .

As soon as we have news, we'll communicate through this channel. Stay updated!

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Nevermind, we just got the access we needed! We are gonna start anytime soon, see you in a few hours!

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Ekkk, this took ages!
Sorry for the delay, we were offline for a while.

Everything is fine now, we'll probably need some minutes to catch up with other instances and rebuild feeds. Expect some strange content in your timelines (post in wrong chronological order), which will be fixed.

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Huuuh, seems we can't upload medias right now.

Give us 10min to fix that!

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