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Rage.Love is now closing registrations since we are close to the ~100 users cap.

We decided to provide the remaining slots to non-white people who are looking for a safe close-knit community.

Feel free to reach us, this account or a RL folk (by email or on here) if you fit this description so we can send you an invitation.


fediblock transphobia 

#fediblock Transphobe users advocating for suicide of trans users

instance/domain block (yes, another so soon)

the public timeline of right-wing shit (lots of slurs, linked below just in case) pretty much speaks for itself.

fediblock, mh, transphobia, sexual harassment, self harm 

This is also just going to be a rant about how awful is, since my chips are all out on the table now. PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY. is a pseudo-free speech server that encourages/is complacent to transphobia and is run by at least 1 (mild) transphobe and 1 admin who is entirely unstable, who has both verbally and sexually harassed me over various IMs on multiple occasions. This all started approx. two weeks ago, when a user who will remain unmentioned posted the following message in the ~vern Chat room (see fig.1). Following this being brought up to the ~vern admins, no action was taken except for a mild slap on the wrist, even though transphobia was "against the rules". Worth noting that one of the admins (neopunk) was staunchly against this rule.

At approx. 6:30 am this morning (UTC-5), an argument broke out in the chat rooms. In this argument, various things are discussed such as my blocking of freesoftwareextremist due to it's affiliation with FSE (and the fact that it's a hardcore fosser instance), and cobra (the unstable admin discussed prior) nearly always reacted with verbal hostility and harassment (see fig.2 and the footnoted pastebin for fig 3.),

Also worth noting, me and cobra have prior experience. We both used to participate in a server for a semi-popular Linux youtuber. During this time, he contacted me in DMs two times to sexually harass me, and once in public on the aforementioned server (where he was given a slap on the wrist by mods and let go.) His later excuse for this was that it was "a bad joke" and that I never told him to stop sexually harassing me explicitly. I will let you, the reader, be the judge of how this argument holds up.

The argument at hand was later moved into a room owned by a mutual friend of ours whose fedi name i do not know. In this room, the continued argument drew a crowd which Cobra then attempted to psychologically manipulate by claiming that I drove him to cut himself, while telling everyone around him to "shut the fuck up". It was around this point that I realized this argument was probably not worth having, so I took an export of the previous conversation in the Vern rooms and disengaged.

In conclusion, vern is a transphobic instance run by a group of (partially) transphobic admins, the head of which is not mentally stable and has repeatedly harassed me and others on multiple occasions.

Please note, mental health is a serious issue, and I wish cobra all the best in getting himself the help he needs. If you or a loved one is considering or has attempted self harm, reach out to a mental care hotline at 988 or

footnoted pastebin:

instance/domain block

bio includes "Dislike woke feminists" & "Supporter of ... Great Replacement Theory". posts fit the theme


#FediBlock due to pedophilia, blockbot, and racism. possibly more, even

#fediblock &

Covid denial by the admin, who is apparently also very friendly with plr.inferencium[.]net (known for transmisia, freeze peach, harassment).



You can safely nuke the domain from orbit

You have nothing to lose but some right-wing reactionary shitbag reply guys

Fediblock, please boost 

#Fediblock срёт.онлайн, a single-user instance that posts #transphobia #racism and #harassment

@fediblock // Fediblock, racism, queerphobia, anti-Semitism, slurs, blockbot 

Is a "free speech" instance with lots of all the bigotry from admin, who also runs a block bot publicly exposing users blocking them.

#fediblock this shit into the toilet.

FediBlock: queermisia, covid denial, ableism

Reasons: queermisia, covid denial (portrayed as both-sideism), ableism

Screenshots are in German, as will be the alt text.
Therefore, summary in English in this post:

First screenshot shows complaint about "being cancelled if you have the wrong opinion", and "I made fun of covid hysterics and covid deniers ~equally~" (nope) "and I make fun of insane people that say A, do B and tell everyone else to do C".

The second screenshot shows a post that has since been deleted, however, the deletion hadn't federated to my instance for some reason, allowing me to catch it. It is incredibly queermisic, making fun of gender neutral terms and apparently the word "mother" being "nazi speak" now, despite no one having said that. and, for some reason, (whether ironically or not) claims he has a big penis.

#FediBlock :fedi_block:

Spam-bot Fedi admin.. 

I just got mentioned in a hell-thread created with the spam software that came out recently and is actively spamming.

Since it's an admin the instance URL is: "" if you don't want this sad birbs


So there's this one accounts posts that sometimes make the rounds because they talk about privacy being good and javascript and cookie notices being bad, and people like that sort of stuff.

But then you open up the account and you see (in addition to the covid conspiracy bullshit) literal moonlanding denial



just had a bunch of harassment in my mentions, including antiblack and antisemitic slurs

#Fediblock: it says it's parody but seems like trolling to me. CW: mockery of anti-racism.

Fediblock, insults including suicide and slurs 

#fediblock collapsitarian dot io, I'll let one of their admins speak for themselves. Lots more to be found on their profile.

#fediblock for @

You probably already know who this guy is. He just keeps making alts because everyone keeps blocking him


Right-wing, anti-abortion, etc. Just look at


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