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longish introduction toot, the 4th 

New instance new

After moving from, is my new home now. I started to check out the Fediverse in October 2019 just to see what it is like to have a social media presence and maybe connect with some people. Things I never really did online before. It certainly had it ups and downs for me and now I'm on my fourth instance.

A few things about me:

I'm a German, white. masc-presenting 30-something. I like:

- learning new things and topics which challenge my world view
- listening to music (mostly Death Metal, Crust Punk and Doom and Drone stuff, but I actually like a lot of different genres)
- hiking (which I lately do way to seldom)

I also slowly learn Japanese because I will at one point move to Tokyo because of work, when the current situation will allow travel again. In addition I play Street Fighter V at the moment to get better at fighting games, so that is this.

I'm mostly here for the community and to support the lovely people who try to make this space better even though mastodon was clearly not made with community safety and protecting privacy in mind.

Thank you for having me!

Videogame take/mainstream opinion 

Hades is actually very good.

I wore my glasses with my mask today and holy shit, I couldn't see a thing. I'm glad I'm usually wearing contacts.

How are you people wearing glasses with mask do it?

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Good morning! My arms hate me today because I got two vaccine shots yesterday. Hope everyone is doing well!

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introduction post 

hello, potential new friends! I'm new to but not to the wider fediverse.

I use fedi for informal chats, check-ins with friends, learning new things, and sharing my day. I like giving and receiving genuine compliments, encouragement, etc., but please no flirting. I try to be a little well of healing online, to give others the support and little moments of joy I want to find when I'm here. I mute and block quickly for my own mental health. I don't care for irony-poisoned or solely-shitposting accounts.

sincereposters wanted. :blobcatheart:

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An Introduction 

An is called for. I publish under the name of Mordecai Martin but you can call me Mo. I've been on Mastodon a while now, on other instances. Not always sure I like what I see, but I would dearly miss some of you who have become daily presences in my life. I write about and itself. I about my wonderful wife, Atenea, I about my strange cat, Pharaoh-Let-My-People-Go the cat. I want you to feel cared for and listened to, but I will not tolerate , , , , or for that matter, any bigotry or hatred and sometimes not even ignorance. I know I come off as a little hostile here, and I'm sorry about that. If you'd seen what I'd seen, you'd be wary too. Let's try this and see how we do.

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Getting ready for a ritual tonight xoxo

hiding because eye contact and fangs and, you know, being the personification of doom.

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The primary account of beloved individual and prolific poster, Jun H., now resides on Thank you for having me.

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Antisemitismus, Spendenaufruf 

LB: Nazis have burgled the house of a Jewish family in Germany, they have caused damage with explicit anti semitic overtones (graffiti etc) and stolen valuable items.

Please donate when you can, the families livelihood is precarious.

Please boost.


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Antisemitismus, Spendenaufruf 

Nazis sind in die Wohnung einer jüdischen Familie eingebrochen, haben explizit antisemitischen Schaden angerichtet und Wertsachen geklaut. Bitte spendet wenn Ihr könnt, die Familie lebt prekär. Gerne boosten.

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Melodramatic expressions of pain in nature are Good. Run up a hill and cry into the sky. Sing to the sea. Lob rocks at the moon and then collapse into her arms sobbing. Feel your pain, express it with your body as much as you can, release it so that it doesn't fester and haunt you. The sea will listen to you; the sky will be there for you; the hill will hold you.

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periodic reminder that there are people #onhere who are allowed to get away racist, colorist, anti-black bullshit because they're insulated from consequences by a group of people who refuse to address their own low-level shitty behaviour while claiming to be anti-racist

who deal with any effort to draw attention to this with handwaving, equivocation, deflection and bullying

Slept like shit and have a full working day ahead of me. So, 'good' morning, I guess...

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We would like to thank all the people that took time to send us report.

What we had originally (~ 1 month ago) categorised this was a one off faux pas, the mistake understood and apologies issued.
Upon investigating this incident again over the last few days, we found 2 similar incidents.
The user is no longer part of

We have reached to some of the people impacted, but we would like to publicly apologise.
We do not condone sending sexual messages to people without their consent.

We believe in growth and self betterment, but we do not believe it is our responsibility to host that user while they do the work required to meet basic decency.

If you have any question, do reach one of the mods

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Might cave in and get Hades for the switch.

Anyone is playing this here?

I think I should go out and have a walk. Weather is nice.

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online racism 

The most annoying thing about racism in online spaces is that I'm *sure* people are going use racism to explain to themselves why many black people don't like their particular space.

They will attribute the fact that many black users can't stand it here to some sort of flaw within black users in general rather than the fact that many folks here are so deeply inculturated into anti-blackness that they can't even see it and thus let it run rampant.

You have to do better than, 'not technically a nazi.'

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