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longish introduction toot, the 4th 

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After moving from, is my new home now. I started to check out the Fediverse in October 2019 just to see what it is like to have a social media presence and maybe connect with some people. Things I never really did online before. It certainly had it ups and downs for me and now I'm on my fourth instance.

A few things about me:

I'm a German, white. masc-presenting 30-something. I like:

- learning new things and topics which challenge my world view
- listening to music (mostly Death Metal, Crust Punk and Doom and Drone stuff, but I actually like a lot of different genres)
- hiking (which I lately do way to seldom)

I also slowly learn Japanese because I will at one point move to Tokyo because of work, when the current situation will allow travel again. In addition I play Street Fighter V at the moment to get better at fighting games, so that is this.

I'm mostly here for the community and to support the lovely people who try to make this space better even though mastodon was clearly not made with community safety and protecting privacy in mind.

Thank you for having me!

2021 is the year I learn to really appreciate rhythm games, it seems.

Question about German(y) 


Getting more and more disgusted by mayo every day.

Should go to bed while it's still a reasonable hour to do so, huh?

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asking for help with medical expenses 

Hi everyone. I hate do do this but we're all out of painkillers, I currently don't have any health insurance, and my chronic back pain doesn't seem to care much about that. I need strong stuff because my drug tolerance against all the usual painkillers available is so high that I'd get liver problems from the doses I'd have to take. Let me figure out how go get my hands on the medicine I need, but for now I'd be grateful for any help with covering the costs. I won't need much. Thank you. 🖤

I should really go to bed...

Gute Nacht! おやすみなさい!

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Asking for donation for my union membership fee 

I have an upcoming union membership fee bill that I don't know how to pay. Leaving the union isn't exactly an option (it's far more expencive not to be a member), so I'm asking you, comrades: Will you help me pay the union bill? It's €25 and my donation links are and (it's the boat ko-fi but I have to prioritise this)

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Capricorn, a black nonbinary person needs 1060€ to avoid being homeless + 5000€ to pay insurance! Please read their gofundme text, donate as much as you can and share with everybody!

*german text in the gofundme*

their paypal:


Gonna move to a tablet and trying to use index fingers instead of thumbs soon. It feels like I hit a brick wall with thumb play on my phone.

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@glitter the imp never should have invited me in :blissful_imp:

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i hate so much that the major meme out of RL is mayonnaise

Waking up and already annoyed by @pfx

Well done, mate.

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Ok, just utterly destroyed me today. You can come pick up the pieces.

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Don't get involved in anything where people don't want to sit down and answer this question:

How do we address problems here?

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