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longish introduction toot, the 4th 

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After moving from, is my new home now. I started to check out the Fediverse in October 2019 just to see what it is like to have a social media presence and maybe connect with some people. Things I never really did online before. It certainly had it ups and downs for me and now I'm on my fourth instance.

A few things about me:

I'm a German, white. masc-presenting 30-something. I like:

- learning new things and topics which challenge my world view
- listening to music (mostly Death Metal, Crust Punk and Doom and Drone stuff, but I actually like a lot of different genres)
- hiking (which I lately do way to seldom)

I also slowly learn Japanese because I will at one point move to Tokyo because of work, when the current situation will allow travel again. In addition I play Street Fighter V at the moment to get better at fighting games, so that is this.

I'm mostly here for the community and to support the lovely people who try to make this space better even though mastodon was clearly not made with community safety and protecting privacy in mind.

Thank you for having me!

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" “The mestizo and the queer exist at this time and point on the evolutionary continuum for a purpose. We are a blending that proves that all blood is intricately woven together, and that we are spawned out of similar souls.” (Anzaldúa, 85, 1986) Most importantly, I ask questions about her need to utilize casta, colonial race science and the mechanisms of nation state identity building (post-independence) in order to create a heuristic of resistance; fundamentally, is it possible to do so?"

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My content includes art documentation, writing, philosophy and more.

So if you're interesting in Black, Indigenous and Latine art, performance and philosophy, you will probably enjoy my content

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Last week it was my birthday, so if you want to give me a belated bday gift you can: subscribe to DIY content subscription service away from patreon, here:


Help us at PV, the Black instance chased off the fedi, continue to build a new platform for users that allow for actual safety here:

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I can now see the problem with that time Andy Ngo got beaten up by antifa: They didn't hit hard enough.

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BIPOC Instance 

Running a server is expensive 🥴😂 I'm still down to build somethin with collaborators who are all about african liberation, indigenous liberation and the solidarity across non white cultures. Obv a LGBTQ+ Friendly space, no time for that ignorant shit. lookin like it'd be an application based setup but we can figure out details later

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Selfies, eye contact, crowdfunding 

Hey. So I talked about this in other instances, but I’m going to be moving to a new place next month. I need help with covering rent and bills while I look for a new job. You can support me directly through Venmo, Paypal or Cashapp.

You can also support my writing through Patreon. I have written some new essays lately and am going to release more.

Venmo: FarahT
Cashapp: $Underwraps77

Thank you for your support. ❤️

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Racism on Fedi | Describing Racists' use of Slurs 

Like, these are the same people who accused an entire instance of queer furries of being racist because someone called a serial harasser a clown, which, by the way, created a shitstorm that ended up with Snouts collapsing after over a decade of operation.

All while on the same breath chased indigenous ex-Snouts users down on twitter to call them a "mangy mutt" or whose admin called PlayVicious a "minstrel show"

They are supposed to be our allies, and yet they merely added to the hundreds of knives already buried on the backs of BIPOC folk.

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I will never shut up about how the fediverse drove away an instance for black folks and by black folks. Not until the problems that lead to PV's shut down are fixed.

And I will never shut up about how key users and admins of Elekk contributed to that harassment. Fix your racism, you've already driven away too many people because of it.

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racism, fedi & other meta, abuse ment 

White people look down on saying slurs and sharing overtly dehumanizing images not because they are violent and harmful to racialized people (though of course they are, and should not be acceptable in any circumstance--and plenty of popular white people fail even that test :blobcatglaredrink: ) but because these are considered uncouth, lowbrow behaviors. That's why there was a strong consensus about kicking Gab off the fedi but it's hugely controversial and even dangerous to say out loud that leftist instances which harass Black and Indigenous users on ridiculous pretexts are being shitty. Even saying you're going to defederate from such an instance invites resentment, which is completely ridiculous because you do NOT under any circumstance have the right to other people's company against their will, like what the fuck is the matter with you.

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food, silly 

Just a saw a hamburger food truck called Bonnie&Fried (ボニー&フライド). I guess it had to exist somewhere.

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food tools 

Still thinking about those hand-cranked spaghetti forks. Why?

And why do they come in binary gendered colors?

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Hey gang! I was given a column at the poetry magazine, It’s an interview column. Check it out! My first piece runs tomorrow!

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Whites, anarchism 

You'd think that adhering to ideologies that require the dissection and critique of cultural norms and forms of power that propagate abuse, oppression, and destruction would ALSO influence people to critique their own internalized alliances with said abusive power structures. But I guess not.

language, + 

If I learn a new kanji and some words containing it and see it here in the wild I feel like I'm slowly start to get more and more context. Having this direct application of learned language feels really good.

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Deutschsprachige Vortragsreihe rund um (antischwarzen) Rassismus 

Die Uni Kiel veranstaltet, unter anderem mit dem Kollektiv afrodeutscher Frauen, Vorträge rund um Hochschule, Macht und Rassismus, darunter explizit auch einen Vortrag zu antischwarzem Rassismus.

Antiblackness ist auch hier immer wieder Thema welches aber meist auf Englisch behandelt wird, vielleicht interessiert es ja einige. Leider ist eine Anmeldung nötig und erfahrungsgemäß sind die Vorträge über Zoom (geht im Browser).

Da kann sich jede:r anmelden, ihr müsst nicht studieren oder so.

Detailliertes Programm:

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