Oh, I found a place that broadcasts professional games online, live and for free! Pretty cool, though I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t understand the analysis the commentators provide abema.tv/now-on-air/shogi

Today I found a AI that makes use of my RTX 2070's tensor and RT cores instead of the CPU, doing live deep learning, and I think that's extremely cool

Finally beat the medium ShogiWars AI. Turns out the solution was to actually think about what I was doing.

Bit annoyed that ShogiWars doesn't let you have a look at the game record against the practice AIs so I can take a look back at it

I pitted tanuki (sente) vs Kristallweizen (gote) in their most recent releases, with NHK Cup timers

tanuki won by mate!

Things to note:

Kristallweizen won the World Computer Shogi Championship in 2019

tanuki was black which gave it an advantage

They were both able to think and try to predict each other’s moves when it wasn’t their turn

Each AI had access to 6 cores of my 12-core CPU

elmo castle, named after elmo, the AI that invented it in 2017, and subsequently used by professional players starting 2018.

Only needs 6 moves to make, really easy to remember since most of the pieces it's composed of remain in their initial position.


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