Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey everyone

I'm so sorry for asking for financial help so soon after I needed help getting my rent through, but I'm running out of food and I noticed I have way less money left than I thought I did, like I'm basically broke right now after paying rent and I don't get paid before 10-12 days

Can you donate so you can help making sure my boyfriend and I can afford to eat during that time period?

Any amount would help, but if you can't, boosting would already go a long way. Thank you so much ❤️

Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey I've gotten donations (tysm everyone for your generosity) but more would really help to make it through comfortably to the end of the month :x

(still) Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’m asking for help so soon again, I got some additional overdraft fees (thankfully they didn’t put me back in overdraft so I might have these gone next month 🤞) in my bank account and wasn’t able to buy groceries before they did.

I don’t get paid until more than a week, and my boyfriend is out of money too. I think between 80 and 100€ would help us a lot to get through.

Sorry again for posting these so often. I have a hard time keeping up with my finances and I should really sort my stuff…

You can donate on my PayPal:
or through ko-fi, which takes credit cards via Stripe:

Boosting so more people see this would help a whole lot even if you can’t donate <3

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