TONIGHT I’m really excited to debut playing Pokémon LeafGreen ULTIMATE IronMon, a special, hardcore challenge!

Check out the rules:

COME OVER, it’s gonna be HYPE!!!

allow me a 10 minute delay, I didn’t get enough time to prepare! Apologies.

We’ve got a run going and I’m not stopping the stream until I die or get through Mt. Moon!

Phew, 6h was tiring! But it was great fun. And I got a run past Brock, so I fulfilled my mission. VOD should be up soon!


The run I'm currently on is with a wailord I quickly pivoted to on route 22. I called her BIG GIRL. I'm proud of my big girl. I just cleared Mt. Moon.

The VOD is out!

It took some time because it's long and YouTube wouldn't mute the copyright strikes itself because it's too long, so I had to do it myself

Current run starts at 4:09:05 !

I intended to stream today but stuff got in the way — tomorrow is a bank holiday so I might either continue the run or start doing other IronMon runs in French, I'll see

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