This dude on Reddit has been running the same Debian installation, dist-upgrading it to new releases over time, for 21 years. Hats off to them

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@Siph daaang that's nice

i'm hoping that i can transfer my linux install like this to other computers down the line tbh lol

@Siph The legend says that when the human civilisation will collapse, the only things remaining will be cockroaches and Debian servers

@Siph man's debian install is now old enough to drink legally in the US

i'm lucky if i can go 2 years without nuking mine but then the only time i dist-upgrade is on my VPS machines

@Siph me: "for a random reason i feel like nuking my 2-month old setup and remake everything just a little better"

this dude:

@_sharpLimefox @Siph well
there are systems in production that are older than you, for sure

@kouett @Siph yeah but I didn't expect one of them to be some random reddit dude's home debian server

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