hey if you have one of these small Bob dishwashers someone found a way to reset the use counters on the DRM detergent cartridges so you can re-fill them yourself and use them again instead of buying new, expensive ones every time you run out, check it out




leaving in an empty cartridge and just putting normal detergent in it is an option that the manufacturer states but refilling & resetting a cartridge yourself proves to be very cost-effective, makes for a more optimal wash and makes things just more convenient

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@Siph if it didnt require it coming from france id probably get one honestly because it would be extremely useful for me as someone who rarely has the spoons to do the dishes =w=

@Siph customs and import tax would make an already expensive device more expensive though x-x

@Siph my keyboard from australia had £68 customs tax on it and thats just a slightly heavy than normal keyboard. i dread to fucking thing how much the bob would invoke

@avie I doubt there are import taxes between the UK and France even with brexit but I'm not certain

@Siph its at the point where i wouldnt want to risk it personally

@Siph especially considering the dishwasher itself is already at an unreasonably high price of £399 lol

@avie oh what the fuck. When I wanted to buy one the point of pride was that it was supposed to be cheap as fuck for students, like, at least half that price

@avie my dishwasher is a refurbished model and I paid it like 150€ lol, but it's way less compact ofc

@Siph i know i selected the premium pack here but they seem to have put everything needed to use the thing in this pack so uhhh


i can get a fullsized dishwasher for more than £100 less

@Siph the core reason why this appeals to me outside of the fact that i can actually fit it into my kitchen is that it doesnt require plumbing to use it

i think i have the ability to have a dishwasher plumbed in but i have no idea and it'd require moving a lot of stuff including my washing machine so i cant be arsed

@Siph @avie as far as i know, there are now, at least it's like that for us here in germany, i'm assuming it's like that for the entire eu
it sucks.....

@avie I think they’re sold in the UK? I know tech moan has bought one but idk

They do seem really neat though. I strongly considered getting one but then I moved and got a full size dishwashre

@Siph naw, daan tech got in touch with techmoan and they sent him one to review for free

its not officially sold here, just via their website

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