Need financial help, please boost 

Hey there, this I hope is the last time I'll have to go through a rough month and ask for financial help. I've started my new job and I'm going to get a decent pay at the end of the month, but we're not there and I've got screwed over by the administration providing me with housing help. Even though I only worked 3 months in March, since I started work then they're asking for their money back for that month

My rent has been paid but I'm already out of money for food and any other expenses. So I'd appreciate if some of you could send some money my way. Any amount that you can afford would go a long way! And a boost is free and also helps out a ton.

For full transparency, I think I'd be comfortable to go through the rest of the month with 300€.

You can send me money through PayPal (I prefer this method cause the money gets too me quicker):

Or with a card on ko-fi:

Thank you friends ❤️❤️❤️

Re: need financial help 

Thanks a bunch to everybody who helped so far <3 I ordered some nice food last night with it and the rest of the month will be more manageable


(still) need financial help, boosts welcome 

Hey friends, I still could use some money for the end of the monts, I’m going to be broke very soon :x

And there has been some mishaps with my work’s HR that made it so I won’t be paid my full salary for the first two months and that’s going to complicate things for me.

It would be nice if you could send in some money, I really need it rn even though I wish I didn’t have to ask again.

And also a boost is free and always goes a long way <3

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(still) need financial help, boosts welcome 

Thanks everyone <3 it's still open but I got an amount that's gonna be really helpful

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