My favorite part of it is the CentOS logo with letters removed so it just says "n O"

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probably not screen reader friendly 

@Siph :wide_b::wide_r::wide_e::wide_a:​:wide_d::wide_h::wide_a::wide_t:​

re: probably not screen reader friendly 

@Siph y'a pas toutes les emotes :(

@Siph Sorry, I'm out of the loop a bit. What's wrong with CentOS?

@aritheenby RedHat is stopping the releases of stable downstream CentOS, and is advancing CentOS 8's EOL from 2029 to December 2021. Going forward they will only keep CentOS Stream active, which is a rolling release upstream to RHEL, and such unsuitable for production

@Siph Oof. I guess it's time to switch to Ubuntu Server or something.

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