In the Italian versions of Windows Me and Windows XP have the mines and all references to mines changed to flowers (the title of the game is "Prata fiorito"), as well as a different sound when you lose, so I just used resource hacker to port all of these changes back to the English version just cause I wated to

I’ll do the Windows Me version later cause the flowers in it are blue instead of yellow and I like them more

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If you have a request for me to port the Prato fiorito changes to Minesweeper in another language Windows XP was available in, ask away and I might just do it!

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@Siph this explains the alternate theme of the Vista/7 version of minesweeper omg

@Siph Win 7 had a mode like that, didn't it

@Siph can you show the high res resource of the app icon?

@Siph hahah that's such a funky style. still kiiinda fits the XP icon look

@Siph you probably know this already but this was kept and made standard in all versions of the Vista minesweeper

@Violet yep, and it was made the default in all locales from where land mines are more of a sensitive subject

@dolfsquare There was a group of italian users who were pressuring Microsoft to do it, but I don’t see anything relating specifically to mines in Italy on there

@dolfsquare someone also mentioned that fascist Italy was a prominent manufacturer and exporter of land mines during WW2 and so that's why it might've been touchy?

speculative, WWII history 

@Siph I wonder why the theme was changed in Italy? Maybe because the fascist Italian regime used navy mines during WWII so it's a sensitive subject?

speculative, WWII history 

@Mandrake yeah, but also there was a pressure group that asked Microsoft to change or remove the game that was from Italy


@Siph Did they decide to go with flowers as a cheap "peace-loving hippies LOL" gag or is it just because it's an innocuous object that's similar in shape to the mines?

@Siph not quite asking for a port, but do you know where I could get ahold of the resources for a clone?

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