I've been getting back into old OSes and Windows versions again since discovering PCem. I like Windows NT 3.51 Workstation a lot, I never tried it before but it's a really fun OS in the sense that it looks just like Windows 3.1 but runs an NT kernel. The compatibility it has is also very impressive

It was pretty fun getting networking to work on it too, and then web browsing. RetroZilla's latest release crashed at launch for some reason, so I decided I'd give building from source a try, I had to spin up a Windows 2000 VM and a dev environment with Visual Studio 6 on it and everything, but it actually worked and runs on NT 3.51. I'm doing these posts from it on Brutaldon, actually

For some reason though media upload doesn't work here with Brutaldon (it ususally does on other OSes), the dialog box to go fetch a file just doesn't show up, so I'll have to transfer the screenshot to my host machinf to upload it

and now I low-key want a mid-90s laptop to make a workstation with it, with NT 3.51 and a lot of apps and development tools from back then



- From between 95 and 97
- Hardware compatible with Windows 3.51
- CD-ROM drive
- 1024x768 in 16-bits color (32-bits color even on 800x600 would be a plus too)
- Network card
- Sound card
- RAM upgradable to at least 64 MB, optimally 128MB I suppose?

I’ve looked at some models that might fit these specs. If I even can get a good deal I’d probably try to get that

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@Siph sounds in the neighborhood of my ideal retro machine, tho I get more specific
Pentium II 350
Intel 440bx based motherboard chipset
3com 905c nic
16mb voodoo banshee (there are better but this one is nostalgia)
sound blaster 32, would have to do research on things that are as good but less static

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