Gonna do an experiment and try to install Windows Me over FreeDOS

first roadblock: the Windows Me installer corrupts the filesystem as it loads

Booting FreeDOS with minimal driver support seems to allow the install to proceed

second stage of the install is proceeding after a reboot

The install has completed, now to see if the system actually works and if it didn’t replace FreeDOS with its own MSDOS

The system boots and works flawlessly, I installed VMWare tools to get all the required drivers and everything runs fine. Now the thing is: I have no idea how to check the underlying DOS version, lol

I’ll install the patch that restores the DOS mode functionality and see if it boots to FreeDOS

Hey so… Looks like this is a thing huh. I expected this to be harder to achieve


to my understanding it is loading the FreeDOS values, but it still replaces the shell and the kernel with its own so apart from the executables that come with FreeDOS there isn’t much of it left running. Windows 98 would do the same I think?

Interesting experiment though.

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