I realize how little I've been mentioning the fact that I'm a demiguy and used the demiguy flag in favor of saying I'm non-binary and using the non-binary flag but demiguy is still my identity and it's still a non-binary identity as well! :potion_demiboy:


So I'm sometimes asked what exactly is a demiguy/demiboy and the broad answer to that is that it's a non-binary gender identity for people who feel partially male/masculine, partially something else (or nothing at all).

That itself isn't a very precise definition and that's because most people with this identity have a different personal interpretation of what it means for them.

Mine is that, I'm agender, but still retain masculinity in my presentation and perspective.

(Of course same goes for demigirls, only with being a woman and feminity instead!)

@Siph I'm a demiguy I think? and I'm... male, but in a wolf way. And not a man.

@Siph Gender introspection is so difficult. I guess the demiguy term is the closest to what I feel, but it's just that I'd rather have no ties to gender at all (i.e. being completely agender), but I still, by my AGAB, feel a connection to masculinity, especially from my appearance, voice, etc... of which I feel no dysphoria about.

all of this to say: i don't know what label to use, and I'm happy you found your own!

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