Okay I like linus tech tips content but his video today comprises my main issue with these kind of tech youtubers. "we're going for a lower price bracket for once, that's right, we're building a BUDGET gaming PC!" and then drop the price of 1000$ and not see any issue with that

This is an age old debate but a PC of the retail price of a console at release will certainly not run games and have the same level of support of that console by the time it reaches it's EOL

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@Siph my desktop cost almost £500 and i still wouldnt consider that a "budget" gaming pc

@avie my PC cost me 2200€ and I had gamers call it mid range

@Siph fuck that noise my computer is midrange

@Siph For the most part, if you're a budget PC builder you end up with an outdated GPU to start with, and can't play anything new (with satisfying res/texture settings) anyway. Pretty much given up on PC gaming except for "retro" gaming (i.e. slightly older titles that still run and emulation).

@Siph nothing beats the extensive back catalog of PC though, which through emulation includes almost all older consoles and computers

and old PCs may not be targeted for huge budget fancy games, but there's tons of new games and software that (even by accident) will still run fine on 10-15 year old hardware

@Siph doesn't he have an entire multi-season series about building actual budget computers?

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