Hire me to translate your game into French!

I’m native in French and fluent in English. I’m familiar with American, British and French pop culture and references.

I’ve already made a full fan-translation of a game, including graphics and TTS voices:

Boosts welcome!


DM Here
Discord Siph#3029
e-mail pro :dont_at_me: siphonay 🔵 fr (replace emojos with the appropriate characters)

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Hey there, I’m still available for freelance French localization of indie games (see the post this is a reply to)

If you or anybody you know would be interested by that, hit me up!

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now trying to imagine "Eyelash" in French...

"... ils attendaient la fin du monde."

@Siph .? How do you do nonbinary pronouns (and they/them in particular, we guess) in French? :blobcatthink:

@moonbolt there’s the "iel" pronouns and écriture inclusive that merges both masculine and feminine grammatical genders into one, and there’s also the æl pronoun and -æ termination for adjectives and such. There are probably more neopronouns that I can’t tell you on top of my head

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