It can even re-flash the ROM on most fake GB/GBC/GBA cartridges!

I have a fake Japanese Harvest Moon GB cart, unfortunately it's incompatible since the ROM chip it uses needs 12V power in write mode

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With this I could catch a Pokémon in Gen 1 on my Game Boy, then dump the save file, then inject it into the VC version of Gen I on the 3DS, and transfer it all the way to Gen 8 👀

(continuation of thread started on @Siph)

Actually I spent some time sanitizing the save file for that Japanese Pokémon Red.

Let me explain: I got this cart like 10 years ago, and I never deleted the save file of the previous player, named サトミ (Satomi), with more than 140+ hours of gameplay on the clock! (!!)

However, I’m also quite fond of glitches and all that kind of stuff. Back then I didn’t have access to a way to backup save files, so I just used it as is to perform some glitches (and trades with the French versions, which produces really fun effects and corrupts Pokémon). As a result of this, the item bag was glitched, some Pokémon were corrupted (some couldn’t even be released or taken off the PC storage without freezing the game), and the Hall of Fame was all corrupted too


So when I got the dumper today I had the idea of fixing up the broken stuff with a save editor. I restored some corrupted Pokémon, deleted some that were beyond repair, and fixed the item bag as well.

I couldn’t find a save editor that supported modifying Japanese Red/Green’s hall of fame, so I had to erase it all in a hex editor, and I had to use a cheat searcher in an emulator and another save file to find the RAM value associated with the number of times the Elite 4 was completed. But I managed to do it!

Now it’s all clean and unglitched. Some Pokémon were irremediably lost, but at least it looks legit now!

So it might sound silly but save files are something I value a lot, because people attach emotional value to them. When I buy or get a game from someone I know, I always rip the save and back it up if it’s on a platform for which I have the tools to do it for, and offer to send it to the original owner before creating a new save.

I feel kinda bad for damaging サトミ’s save file they spent so much time on so to honor them I’m going to get one of their Pokémon and transfer it all the way up to my Pokémon Shield copy

I decided it would be this Blastoise. The OT ID is different than the save file's but the trainer name is the same, so I assume it's a starter from another of their games that they traded in

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