Hey everyone! I’m Siphonay, but you can call me Siph, Alexis, Sam or Rochester. pronoun.is/xe

I’ve been a Mastodon user since 2017 and I just moved from octodon.social to here!

I think everything you might want to know about me is in my bio, but the gist of it is that I’m a nerdy dxde who’s a sysadmin and likes computers, and has a tons of other interests that change and shift with time. I’ve really been into shogi, lately!

I mainly post in English, but I also post in French from time to time, as it’s my native language!

Je poste principalement en Anglais, mais je poste aussi en Français de temps en temps, c’est ma langue maternelle !


I am found elsewhere on fedi!

- @Siphonay
donphan.social is a Pokémon-themed server. I’m administrating and moderating it

- @Siphonay is my private/vent account. I’m a community mediator there, if you have anything relating to that, contact me on this account: @Siph

- @Siphonay is where I go to post nonsense when I’m high

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