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Listen to "'Falling for Fascism' Emergency Re-Release" on Stitcher

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Robert Evans & Shereen Lani Younes discuss the creator of Fascism, Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Part One: The Man Who Invented Fascism from Behind the Bastards on RadioPublic

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Behind the Bastards | iHeartRadio

"Episode 1: Travel back to the very birth of fascism in this episode about the March on Rome. You'll learn how the first trailblazing fascist dictator took power and destroyed a democracy."

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Marcus Rashford calls for urgent review of free school meals system | School meals | The Guardian

No, you were standing at the bathroom sink for far too long after cleaning your teeth, watching the water drain freely because you unblocked the drain this afternoon!

I am here for . Am still like all :blobhearteyes: 😍 🤩 that @ljwrites even knows I exist.
Seriously though, kindness, hilarity, compassion, rage, knowledge, talent, and determination all radiate from the person that is LJ and I am so glad I know 'em!

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I made this doll originally 5 years ago. It's been part of various Halloween displays over that time and was falling to bits. She'd lost her tentacles and I had never finished her face properly.

I decided that reattaching the limbs and remaking the face would be a good way of picking up needle felting again, so here we are, with a mended Gothtopus doll.
Of course I forgot to take before pics so y'know, use your imagination.

She's looking for a good home for the price of postage, so if anyone would like to adopt a Gothtopus, please hit me up.

Back to microwaving dirt again, like you do. Having a normal one as always.

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Am tired and in pain, so forgive lack of grammar etc.

I want to ask fellow UK people to keep your hot takes to yourselves on what's happening to our US friends & family.
You can be supportive without being gloating, without your analysis of what-went-wrong, without adding to the stress of it all.

This isn't a sideshow distraction from our own deeply dysfunctional politics, it's a terrifying reality. At the very least, if you can't resist the urge to share, CW your takes so people can avoid them.

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What I Learned About a Pioneering Black Cookbook Author by Cooking Her Recipes - Gastro Obscura

White whine 

Imagine being so very, very fragile as a white person, that being called " cracker " upsets you.

Roll your damn selves in cotton wool and go hide if you can't cope with even that.

Tonight's mood ; I want to interact with people but am so tired I just can't 😫

Anyway 💜 you all.

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‘I felt like I was born again’: first non-binary person granted UK refugee status | Gender | The Guardian

Excuse me while I be excited in public about the fact I have just seen a pair of Jays in the garden 😍
No photo sorry because I was too busy gazing at them in awe. We hardly ever get them.

Thank you to everyone who boosted and responded to my toot about the Amazon gift voucher! The voucher has been spent now. 😘

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'She is beautiful but she is Indian': The student who became a Welsh bard at 19 - BBC News

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We as a culture have adopted this stance that white women are more virtuous and not complicit in upholding racism in particular,” said Apryl Williams, a professor of communication and media at the University of Michigan. “They just sort of go along with it, but they’re not conscious actors. The Karen meme says, no, they are conscious actors. These are deliberate actions. They are complicit. And I think that’s why it strikes a nerve with people.”

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