Health (-) 

Had a phone at 8.30 this morning with a physio, who wants to see me at the clinic this afternoon. Think happy thoughts for every one.

Health (-) ME/cfs 

Still here, still queer. Also still in pain and worn out, bleh.
My left arm is still a bundle of painful live wires and it's making sleep hard, which in turn is making my other symptoms flare up. I have a phone call with the physio clinic on Monday morning, so fingers crossed they can offer some help.
Am just dipping in and out of here to see what you're all up to, cuz I miss you.

UK pol, sexual assault. All the CWs. 

Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds | Sexual harassment | The Guardian

Personal, homophobia, death, grief. Long. 

Just watched the Rami Malik Bohemian Rhapsody film.

Well, that got me right in the feels. I have a headache from crying, but it was worth the watch, despite that.
I was involved in one of the very first HIV information & support services in the UK back in the day. I was in my late teens / early 20s and everyone I knew then is dead.

I tried to watch the UK C4 series 'It's a Sin' recently, and I just couldn't. I have a proper gut wrench physical reaction to it that I can't get past, so I gave myself permission not to watch. I am so damn glad that it exists though & I want those stories told.

Ugh, sorry, no conclusions, just a feels dump. Am fine, just old grief finds cracks and seeps out some times.

Here's to all of us queers who survived and to all of the ones who didn't. Love you :grape_heart:

Covid-19 adjacent, health, ME/cfs , a bit whingy. 

Definitely recovered from all the side effects of my first Oxford vaccine shot almost a week ago. So yay for that! All the injection site soreness has gone, just leaving the tendonitis soreness instead 😒
Yesterday & today has been rough because now I'm dealing with how tired dealing with all that made me. As a result am having a minor ME flare up. :blob_disapproval:

Fingers crossed I can sleep better tonight because I miss bothering you lot. 💜

Covid-19, personal positive 

Achievement unlocked! Got offered an appointment this afternoon, and had my first vaccine dose this evening. It went very well and everyone was super nice. Am feeling a tiny bit relieved.

Death, UK, LGBTQ+ history 

Gay's The Word: Tributes paid to Peter Dorey who opened first LGBTQ+ bookshop - BBC News

Personal, Health (-) 

Last week was A Lot. Highlights included my phone screen dying again, the shower leaking into the kitchen ceiling, a very large curtain rail giving up the will to live, and a vet visit (Gary is having some old dog issues & needed some painkillers). All this while having some very bad nights thanks to my old friend M.E.

@bright_helpings & @diffrentcolours were absolute stars and dealt with the majority of this, plus doing their day jobs. We're all a bit tired but everything is basically okay & my lizard brain seems to actually listening to that rather than running around screaming in panic.

On the upside, Gary is much happier now his legs hurt less, the leak is sorted ( we hope) and I have a new-to-me G8. Old phone is hopefully fixable & will be used as a reliable backup or loaner.

TLDR: Some stuff happened, was dealt with (cuz we have a bunch of privilege ) and everything is mostly okay.

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