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Info on follows and boundaries / please read before requesting to follow. 

-we will only accept follows from folks we’ve talked to a few times. We might accept regardless if you are a partner of someone we know well.

-we do not like hugs from strangers.

-do not reply with lewds to a non lewd post of ours.

-do not give us health advice unless you are also disabled.

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Hi, this is Plugs from monsterpit and more recently, Otherwise known as Brainship.

This is our new account, one we’ll likely be sticking with until we make our own instance eventually. Which possibly means a few years. Coding is hard. :P

WW2 and nazis / mocking fash 

Fash who think they know about WW2: the nazis were so tactical, what strong leaders!

People who actually know about WW2: the nazis cocked up tactically repeatedly in war and their leadership was an embarrassing mess of egos, lies and incompetence.

Info on follows and boundaries / please read before requesting to follow. 

-we will only accept follows from folks we’ve talked to a few times. We might accept regardless if you are a partner of someone we know well.

-we do not like hugs from strangers.

-do not reply with lewds to a non lewd post of ours.

-do not give us health advice unless you are also disabled.

She loves sunbathing in the garden.
(And lying inside in the shade when she gets too hot)

I don’t know this cat‘s name but their favourite thing to do is trample my vegetable patch and attempt to roll on my carrot seedlings.

I end up petting them while muttering about how I don’t agree with outdoor cats.

CBD oil interactions with medication information 

CBD oil interacts with medication in the same way grapefruit can.
So if you’ve been told to avoid grapefruit avoid CBD oil. CBD can be great but I wish these interaction issues were more public knowledge.

CBD messed my arthritis meds making my joints bad without me knowing why a few years back. Hopefully this helps someone avoid the same problems.

(The tweet links to a medical source for the info.)

Firefox iOS update more complaining 

Tabs I have open and bookmarks come up in the search as suggestions and I do not like this.

Just give me readable tabs and only being able to close them when I click on em plz.

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Firefox iOS update 

These new teeny tiny tabs mean I can’t read them to tell what they are on portrait views.

About the only good thing is it’s harder for my clumsy fingers to close tabs by mistake. :Y

Complaining about cis people and nonsense flag and label discourse / transphobic violence mentioned 

Me a trans: I’m afraid that the fact I don’t shave my legs and wear shorts will get me kicked out of bathrooms and assaulted. I’m weighing up how masc I can be before it becomes dangerous.

The cis: this ‘stolen’ colour gradient and label I don’t understand is literally violence and oppression don’t support it moot besties uwu! Happy pride!

NFT art / meta about fake pollution money art 

Now I don’t like saying that someone’s ability at art is in any way tied to their personal morals.

But does anyone else think a lot of NFT art lacks any soul/emotion/passion?

I don’t feel I have ever seen a piece of NFT art that made me feel anything emotionally. Even the art that was done well technically feels hollow and dead.

Astra Zeneca vaccine 2nd dose question 

Hi folks. Does the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine hit harder than the first?

I wanna know if it does so I can plan accordingly. I got bad fatigue and muscle aches from the first dose.

An unfortunately regular ADHD experience / ableism 

When people with ADHD say that a certain technique doesn't work for them it doesn't mean 'they didn't try hard enough' or 'it wasn't the right app/diary/other tool'.

It means it doesn't work and they know this from trying multiple times.

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An unfortunately regular ADHD experience / ableism 

Me: I'm having a problem with doing a certain task.

NT: have you tried scheduling? diaries? notes? phone alarms? Apps?

me: None of those things work because of my ADHD.

NT: But it could work this time! Why don't you try it!

Me: *wondering if I should just never ask anyone for help again.*

Two cool sci-if text based games. 

Seedship is about being a ship AI trying to find the last cryogenically frozen humans a new planet.
It involves a lot of tough choices but is a satisfying challenge.
Seedship has accessibility options to change the colour of in game text and backgrounds.

Epitaph is about alien civilisations. You can choose to interfere with their development or see what happens. This harder to ‘win’ than Seedship, but I find myself coming back to it. Sadly, it doesn’t have any built in options to change text and background colours.

Found an old abandoned bird nest while trimming some ivy in my garden.

The foundation is made of mud and moss. Woven twigs held together by more mud make up the cupped nest structure. Birds are amazing builders!

ADHD as a lable snark 

Medical people: So there's this thing that makes people impulsive, struggle with intense emotions, extremely sensitive to rejection, have impractically varied levels of focus and means that their ability to memorize things and complete tasks relies entirely upon if it the interest/task is immediately stimulating.

Medical people: Lets call it the unable to sit still and pay attention disorder.

Here we have a baby Vivi. She’s the puppy on the left.

Social model and abled people 

I think we need to take the social model of disability away from ableds until they stop coming out with ‘capitalism causes disability!’

Then acting like its a hot new theory take they’re gifting us poor disableds with. Because it is getting embarrassing.

Disabled people have been discussing how society defines what disability is for years. And debating the applications and flaws of the social model too.

We do not need the input of abled people who read the Wikipedia page on the social model once and think they know disability theory now.

Plural / Covid 19 vaccine / joke 

Does being a plural system who has had the covid 19 vaccine mean you’ve got heard immunity?

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