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Info on follows and boundaries / please read before requesting to follow. 

-we will only accept follows from folks we’ve talked to a fair bit. We might accept regardless if you are a partner of someone we know well.

-we do not like hugs from strangers.

-do not reply with lewds to a non lewd post of ours.

-do not give us health advice unless you are also disabled.

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Hi, this is Plugs from monsterpit and more recently, Otherwise known as Brainship.

This is our new account, one we’ll likely be sticking with until we make our own instance eventually. Which possibly means a few years. Coding is hard. :P

DS9 S1 E7 Dax / death sentence mention 

I’m getting some suspicions about the dead admirals wife. 🤔

Also I think she *really* should have got her son some therapy for his issues over his dads death. Trying to find someone to blame to the point of wanting to get someone sentenced to death on a few pieces of evidence when they’re not technically the same person who possibly committed the crime? 😬

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DS9 S1 E7 Dax 

Oh the courtroom episode. I’m enjoying this so far.
I really enjoy the concept of the trill honestly. It has plural vibes.

Digimon E36 

So...Vandemon turned into a weird vampire beast kangaroo?

Digimon S1 E38 

Okay but I do find it kinda funny how Weregreymon and Lillymon are so much smaller than the other ultimate level digimon.
As in when they’re on screen with idk Metalgreymon the size differences just look a bit silly to me.

musing on accidental trans characters because of how animal genders are seen / yes I know that is a weird CW too 

To be clear I'm talking about cis creators who don't mean to make trans characters doing that because 'udders look funny'.

Or because the peacocks with big tails that are pretty colors are what people tend to think of when it comes to that type of bird. And sometimes because cis people think bright colors and pretty = female design characteristics.

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musing on accidental trans characters because of how animal genders are seen / yes I know that is a weird CW too 

I've noticed 'male' peacocks are most commonly associated with what a peacock is. And this means designers making anthro characters can end up making trans women characters unintentionally.

I think the only male equivalent is the Barnyard cows who all ended up being trans men.

Digimon Adventure S1 E27 

Also so far the Digidestined have fought Satan, Dracula and a terrible singer in a shabby monkey mascot suit.

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Digimon Adventure S1 E27 / alcohol 

So, Vademon is really dramatic. Like I think it’s part of his code that he has to make dramatic entrances.

And I didn’t expect a children’s anime to bring up alcohol and getting drunk as a joke. Idk I’m realising kids animation in the west just avoids lots of stuff Japanese animation for kids casually includes.

Digimon adventure S1 E26 / emotional abuse mentioned 

I didn’t expect Digimon to bring up parents who see kids only as extensions of their own wishes.
Then again this show doesn’t really shy away from issues kids actually deal with tbh?

Digimon adventure S1 E24 

So emotional distress can make digimon devolve too? Huh.

I love that this T-Rex and this kitten are at the same evolutionary level and far as I know power. X3

Digimon adventure S1 E25 / poop jokes mentioned 

Well. This anime sure brings up poop humour a lot more than I expected when I first watched it.

Although I like to think I’ve got past the age finding poop jokes hilarious the poop avalanche joke was kinda funny.

Digimon adventure E19 / fictional child peril and potential death mentioned 

This anime sub is really explicit about the fact the digidestined could potentially die. In this episode Taichi realises he’s not just like a video game character and could die for real and appropriately freaks out.

I know it’s a western kids cartoon/English anime dub thing to remove or avoid any mentions of death but I didn’t realise children's anime would be quite that explicit about it.

Pokemon: this cute yellow mouse can shoot lighting.

Digimon: this walrus shoots a tactical homing missile from its horn.

Pokemon: the evolution of this small yellow mouse is a bigger yellow mouse.

Digimon: the evolution of this orange winged mouse is a seven foot angel with three pairs of wings and no visible eyes.

Digimon adventure 1999 

I’m actually really enjoying this so far. It puts effort into giving the digidestined characterisation and individual motivations. It feels a bit predictable but even the best kids shows are likely be for an daily imo.

I never got to watch the anime as a kid. I only read the annuals and has the toys. So it’s nice to watch it now.

Food / cooking / YouTube 

Watching people cook on YouTube is so relaxing tbh.
I know YouTube is well, bad, but it is nice to see videos on food and cooking from around the world tbh.

DS9 E2 S1 

Didn’t expect a murder mystery episode combined with an episode about the practicality’s of children living on a space station. :0

DS9 S1 E1 

‘You exist here?’

‘I exist here’

I didn’t expect this show to nail what trauma/PTSD feels like.
Sisko’s actor is really good too.

DS9 S1 E1 

Sisko is being very patient with this wormhole being.

I think after raising a kid he’s likely used to answering big ‘why?’ questions though.

Deep space 9 E1 S1 

Also Ben is so compelling as a character. It’s only been the first episode and I care a lot about him and know about his relationships and the dynamics being created between him and others.

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