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Food, recipie request 

Tell me your best Slow cooker chill recipes.

hello Eugen? I'd like to convert my actual problems to the fake made up petite bourgeois problems everyone on here has so I can fit in better

Of course, like with pirate ships, the individual members are free to join whatever crew they want, and will usually depend mostly on the reputation of the captain or quality of the code.

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The fediverse is like a fleet of pirate ships with the admin of an instance acting as it's captain. Shunning problematic captains or ships is perfectly acceptable and probably expected.

fediblock: racism, misoginy, etc 

Here is a list of domain you may want to block for email registration.

I personally suspended those domain preventively too

Oo its international goth day, have a happy day to all my goths

Pol posting 

Centrists are cowards who don't want to commit to a real ideology and think balance and compromise is enough of an ideology to count.

We need a good name for all people who sail under an the mixed flags of anarchism and something else (I.E. the anarcho-syndaclism AND anarco-pride flags)

I'd suggest the rainbow alliance but that sounds like it could be confused with something else.

some'a y'all think computers are kinda neato and it shows 😒

Animal crossing musing / rambling. 

Ok, but what's the lore of Animal crossing? How does it work?

The fact that, within the latter games, players can visit each other and inherit villagers after they move means each installment takes place in the same world. The story arks of Label, Tortimer, and others across games implies a certain continuity between installments. Thus we can conclude a certain amount of story by combining details.

But more importantly... what do Predator animals eat? Do they eat the fish and bugs? It's all they do all day and they don't have much need for money otherwise. It would be weird to think they'd eat traditional prey when it could easily come from a species their neighbor is from.

Even fish and bugs are a questionable protein source. We all know the jokes about frogs by now.

That, in turn, raises plenty of questions about sentience in this setting. Several animals are clearly a domestic species while others are wild. There are BOTH wolves and dogs as animal types.

Is Animal crossing set in a post apocalyptic setting where the animals somehow gained sentience from radiation or something?

Today's gender is tiredness and the smell of lemon.

Current mood: putting more thought than I probably should into starting a beekeeper coop.

RT @gretathunberg
Germany is opening a new coal power plant this summer. It’s run by Finnish state-owned Fortum.
Swedish state-owned Vattenfall is already operating new coal plants in Germany.
Everyone involved claims to be “climate leaders” but this is the opposite of leadership.
This is failure.

I’ve got 99 problems and I swear to god, capitalism is responsible for nearly all of them

"Break, never, bend." And other horrible slogans.

@MrControl I can't speak for others, but I found Plume was just too buggy and too much work, so I went back to my Blogger blog.

Cursed dea, Anime reference 

Ok, we all saw Full Metal Alchemist, right?

Using the formula for a human body that show establishes, how many buckets of KFC and pints of Chocolate milk would I need to mix to alchemist a human body?

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