Heyyy I just plugged the Fediverse to the IWW and now they're discussing setting up an official account on here! Sounds like it could go ahead.

40% of cops abuse their families. killer cop's wife filed for divorce the second he was in protective custody. i am making an extrapolation from these two facts

if you feel safer behind the cops than facing them, you dont belong on my page

Originally published May 30, 1990

Happy 30th anniversary to dog semen mug comic

I received a peertube.social spam email. They wanted my money. I deleted my account right away.


fedi meta 

The fact that apparently believes full moderation abilities is worth putting behind funding goals... isn't a good sign for their underlying mentality.

What bothers me with #Peertube and why I'm very hesitant to donate right now is not solely the fact that it's become a vehicle for alt-right propaganda, conspiracy content, and hatred, but that this also seems to be inappropriately underestimated by the developers.

It's okay if your software has an ugly problem. It's not okay if you pretend it doesn't really matter that much.

As it relates to #peertube any social software that does not come with robust moderation tools is bad software. This is like building a house without doors. You are missing a core component.

french gab thread, sui / murder mention 

Those are people from the JV.com 18-25 forum.

they harrass people, dox people, make people kill themselves etc. etc.

Those are like gab, minus the fact that they haven't gone and shot people because firearms are not that easy to procure.

Those are dangerous people

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@isolategab the pol is closed with 45 votes. I'm on a fairly small instance and I'm still fairly sure I could get better numbers on a local poll. You'd think this would get a fair amount of attention being an important decision for the future of the site.

Maybe the claims that Gab is one of the largest instances is pure BS they just made up with inflated user numbers.

Bah, we really need a better site to share 3D designs than Thingiverse 😒

Appreciate any recommendations!

acab, CSA 

i never felt safe with cops in schools, especially since a resource officer a the high school i went to got sacked bc he had a "relationship" w/ a student (i believe)

and i'll never forget the one officer that gave me and (at the time) boyfriend a fucking creepy ass look when we were just minding our business sitting in the stairwell at school during lunch.

Anyways fuck cops and def get them the fuck out of schools.

fucking creepy losers

Work got crazy busy, but wanted to post to just show that still here, and still keeping up the fight to #IsolateGab. With all the craziness in the US this week, more important than ever to show solidarity against hate.

Instance block recommendation 

@ilcronomaestro I will only add some tags to your clear and complete thread about #byoblu, this new italian instance that abuses #freespeech to promote #conspiracy theories, #pseudiscientific claims and #FakeNews.

Being an italian instance it may be hard to understand the nature of their content for anyone that does not speak italian and does not follow italian politics because they are very careful to not be explicit as #gab. Instead they put much effort to appear 'clean' by hosting also some 'neutral' content, avoid direct references to #fascism and defining themselve as neither on the left and neither on the right of the political spectrum: a common refrain for what we may call -undercover fascists-

The old "censorship" discussion.
Or "frea speach" if you prefer.
The latter I remember from more than a decade ago fighting spammers.
Who, in their opinion, were denied their right to "frea speach" if their spam was blocked by others than the end user.

This time it's the fascists crocodile tears.
Even worse looking at than the spammer's.

To make it short: It is a collective responsibility to deny fascists a public platform.
End of any discussion.

Even only instances blocking this brown shit is not enough in my opinion.
Like spammers, they should be kicked out by any hoster, ISP or where else on the net.

End note:
qoto.org is found as "good" on a list sorted as "good"/"Not bad"/"Bad" together with freespeechextremist.com and other shitty instances. The list is made by brownshits themselves.

#gab #fascists @isolategab

This is correct, the #isolategab movement has zero in conflict with net neutrality, or open standards, etc. Just has to do with freedom of association.

yes i do believe in peaceful protests. like when haiti peacefully protested france and earned their freedom. or when the united states peacefully protested england and earned their freedom. or when the mexicans peacefully protested spain and earned their freedom. or whe

So do i read this right and #Gab is leaving the #Fediverse and creating some sort of their own silo-isolated to just them protocol? #isolategab

From Gab's CTO:


@isolategab The sad irony being some of the people from the early days of gab who supported not de-feding them will now have done it for nothing.

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